How To Overcome Sadness and Depression?

Saddness and depression

People from all walks of life, from all backgrounds at one point in their lives will need to learn how to overcome sadness and depression. It is a heavy burden, at times more bearable for some, insufferable for others. While we all are capable of feeling the same emotions, we all experience them differently, some with more intensity than others. Sadness is a feeling that we might experience on our daily routine and almost subconsciously most people are able to get past it one way or the other. Some of us, are not quite lucky, sadness lingers on and finds its way to creep through the cracks and build up inside us. Depression has many ways to be triggered and it may sneak up on us, when we least expect it, but no matter how bleak it might get, there ways out. You are stronger than depression, not the other way around.

Depression is like a circular maze. Once you are trapped inside of it, a cycle of negative thinking and outlook in life will continue to spin you around. The same damaging thoughts and grim perspective in life will continue to bash you over and over again, and one way to break free of that cycle is to realize that this malignant force that is punishing you, comes from within your own mind, and you have the power to break out of it, you have the tools and YOU have the power. If your current situation might not be the best, there is new day tomorrow waiting for you to take the opportunity and tell yourself that you are not going to let this beat you. If this sounds difficult right now, look at it in a more practical way. If you occupy your mind with other activities that will distract you, you are taking time away from your depression and your sadness. In certain sense, you are weakening it, just by not having time to think about it.

Many specialists, blogs and people who write about how to overcomer sadness and depression, will mention that you get some exercise, or engage on physical activities to help you beat it. Scientifically and chemically this has been proven to be true, but finding the motivation to do so is the tricky part. What I suggest is don’t jump right in, take your time, but don’t stall on it too much. Go shopping first, buy some equipment, let yourself get enthusiastic about it. And even if you start small, like going for an hour walk, imagine that with every drop of sweat you are sweating away the sadness. Go big like with a Raise Machine or go small with a jump rope, which is entirely up to you. Keep that in mind, you are the master of your own faith.

Let’s all acknowledge that we all talk to ourselves, silently or even at loud when we are alone. Those ‘conversations’, can either reinforce your strengths or tear you down completely. That’s why you need to stop talking down on yourself and berate yourself. Quit the negative talk, and begin to focus on how you are going to get through this. It might not seem like much, but it can be very well what sparks changes inside and begin to turn things around for you.

Defeating the sadness and depression is not an overnight feat; it takes time to heal. And while you are fighting that battle, take care of yourself with the basics. Get enough sleep, be rigorous if need be. Try to get 7 hours of sleep every night. Also, eat well, don’t skip a meal. Eat healthy. If you have a good balanced diet and you are well rested the body will respond. Your body will be prone to chemically naturally begin to wither away the sadness and depression.

In more existential crisis, a lot of people find a way out by helping others. Find a charity you would like to cooperate with, do a gesture for people who are less fortunate than you. Doing something good and feeling better about yourself is just priceless.

We at DMS encourage you to find the tools within to help you beat the sadness. Remember to take it one step at a time. There is a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

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