Medical Supplies for Dermal Ulcers

Caring for a bedridden patient brings up the challenge of not only looking out for their needs and health, but also to prevent for any Dermal Ulcers from forming while they are dealing with other health issues. These types of are also common for elderly patients, those who are wheelchair bound, and patients who are dealing with diseases that put them at a high risk of developing them, such as those suffering from diabetes mellitus.

What is a Dermal Ulcer?

What is known, as a dermal ulcer is a sore that develops on a region of the skin, then the tissue surrounding it suffers from a loss of dermis, slowly affecting the area. It can lead to a loss of skin. The severity of a dermal ulcer depends on what is causing it, and normally these appear of the arms and legs.

Spotting them early

When in risk of developing dermal ulcers, the compromised skin will have an increase of redness and warmth. Caregivers who spot these areas should immediately seek medical attention to them to prevent them from emerging.

Depending on the stage the dermal ulcer is the doctor might recommend a specific course of action. It is imperative for the ulcer to be properly treated at once to avoid exposing the patient to a potentially hazardous infection and, of course, to alleviate pain suffered from these ulcers.

Useful Medical Supplies

For the effective prevention and treatment of dermal ulcers certain precautions must be taken. Fortunately there are a wide variety of medical supplies that can be helpful when dealing with this issue.

·         Skin protection: Caring for the skin, and specifically areas prone to ulcers require a proper moisture and protective environment so ulcers do not form or propagate further. For this it is essential that you apply moisturizers and skin protectant lotions to care for the skin.

·         Proper Dressing: When caring for an affected area by dermal ulcers, it is important to apply dressing that effectively absorbs and retains exudate, while keeping a moist wound environment. In such conditions the ideal type of dressing would be foam self adhering dressings.

·         Bed padding:  An effective way to prevent ulcers from occurring, specially on those who are bedridden, it is recommended that some proper bed padding is applied. For example placing a fiber fill bed pad helps to prevent pressure ulcers, making it a safer environment for the patient.

Other recommendations

The use and aid of medical supplies can be of a great deal of help in preventing a dermal ulcer form, but they only cover you until a certain point. It is very important that caregivers also help keep the patients repositioning themselves, and help avoid them to stay in the same position for a long period of time. Being wheelchair bound or bedridden also requires a certain extent of physical movement all depending to the amount of capability the patient has. 

Following the above recommendations can make for optimal conditions and for a patient to be ulcer free and safe.


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