How Your Diet Can Affect Cancer Recovery

No one wants to think about disease. And among them, cancer can incite the most fear. But some are saying that cancer, like any other disease, can be more easily prevented, recovered from or even reversed depending on the diet the patient adopts. Medically speaking, chemotherapy can be one of the most devastating treatments to a body, as it does work to destroy cancer cells. However, at the same time, this treatment also destroys the body's immune system and a host of other elements our bodies need to fight infection.

The Post-Treatment Holistic Diet

Eating holistically is a very effective way to help the body recover following chemotherapy. Regardless of your culinary orientation, i.e. meat eater or vegetarian, eating holistically can help the body to heal naturally.

Holistic eating involves consuming only those foods which can be certified as organic and that are natural. This means incorporating lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as non-genetically modified sources of protein. Experts say that in this method, processed foods, as well as foods treated with herbicides and pesticides should be completely avoided.

The holistic diet also involves juicing, which simply means turning fresh ingredients like lemon, ginger and kale into liquid using a juicing machine. Juicing is said to release nutrients in more potent concentrations that can be had by consuming them via the process of chewing.

The Ketogenic Diet

Adopting a ketogenic diet may be more effective than any other natural methods post-treatment. If the term 'ketogenic' sounds familiar, it refers to the process of ketosis. Ketosis occurs when the body doesn't receive enough sugars and carbohydrates from the foods a person eats. When this happens, the body must rely on its existing fat storage for fuel.

The ketogenic diet sees carbs replaced high quality protein in high amounts, along with a high amount of beneficial fats, such as those found in nuts. Doing this will essentially 'starve' cancer cells, which rely on glucose to multiply. Studies into the ketogenic diet have shown that it is very beneficial for those who are recovering from brain cancer. As well, the ketogenic diet is being explored as means of cancer treatment in its own right.

Diet and the Cancer Fight

Those who may have a history of cancer in their family and are looking for ways to fight it only need look at their diet, say many. And changing a diet need only involve ensuring that at least two-thirds of meals are plant-based, and that animal proteins account for no more than one-third of meals.

Adding color to meal plates is another suggestion put forth by several experts. The more color there is, the more nutrient benefits a food provides. Not only that, but they can help contribute to weight loss, which can decrease the risk of the development of several types of cancer.

Processed meats should be avoided at all costs, say those who advocate better cancer prevention through diet. The dark green leafy vegetables, which include spinach, kale, and mustard greens all protect against cancers which can affect several areas of the body.

How one cooks their meals can also affect their risk of developing cancer. Where meat is concerned, high temperature methods like broiling, frying and grilling can cause the formation of cancer-causing chemicals which are then ingested. Instead, experts suggest steaming, braising or stewing.

Water is seen as one of the best health foods there is. Just a few glasses per day can ensure that any concentrations of cancer-causing elements in the intestinal tract, bladder or other areas are quickly diluted and passed out of the body.

Although there is no known medical cure for cancer, there is a lot of information available with regard to natural ways to prevent and treat the disease. The best advice is to take that which makes the most sense to the individual, and leave the rest. Of course, it may also help to have a discussion with any medical professionals you may currently be dealing with to see if they have any ideas for natural cancer prevention or treatment.