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Early symptoms of aortic aneurysm

Submitted by Pablo Retana on 14:08

The early symptoms of aortic aneurysm appear when an aneurysm - an enlarged area in the lower part of the aorta – quickly expands and ruptures. The symptoms also depend on the type of aneurysm and the exact area where it is located.

Warn your patients of the 4th of July hazards

Submitted by Pablo Retana on 16:19

As a doctor, whether a general practitioner or an otolaryngologist, you may or may not have experienced an influx of patients complaining of hearing loss symptoms around this same time last year. Whether or not that was the case, you can still take the opportunity this year to warn your patients about the risk of fireworks-induced hearing loss, especially in children but in adults as well. And while you’re at it, you can warn them about the risks of fireworks in general. You can bet your tuning fork people will complain after the fact but will neglect to take the most basic of preventive measures beforehand, such as using earplugs. This is your chance to impart some wisdom before it’s too late and it falls on deaf ears -literally.

Just in case that you are a bit on the skeptical side concerning fireworks-related hearing loss, please note that the University of Maryland Medical Center lists among the causes of hearing loss trauma from explosions, fireworks, gunfire, music shows, and earphones. As you already know, acoustic trauma may cause irreversible damage. It’s not like, say, wax buildup that can be flushed out of the ear with an ear syringe. This is why prevention is so important.

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