Cure Catheters Little Know Revolution

Before we tell you how the Cure Catheters’ design has revolutionized the industry, in how they manufacture their products, there is another rare and unique In today’s day and age it is easy to lose touch with the human side in everything we do, all around us we might become more and more disconnected with one another. Today we would like to tell you about a very interesting and touching story.

Bob Yant founded Cure Medical, and Bob’s story is really quite fascinating.

Back in 1981, Bob had a good life. He was a graduate from the University of California at Berkley. He was a private pilot and on his spare time remodeled older homes. One day while visiting Newport Beach, CA Bob had a tragic diving accident, his life changed forever.


Bob became a quadriplegic. Bob broke his neck, giving him a devastating C-5 injury. One would think that such an event would cause for a normal person to take a step back, fall into depression and give into adversity. Bob chose otherwise. He became even more active. He has dedicated his life ever since on becoming an advocate for Spinal Cord Injury, Prevention, Care and Cure.

Bob, with who was always a self-reliant person, had to start depending on others. He, like all people who share his condition, had to begin using a catheter. Bob found most catheters to be inefficient, so he took upon himself on finding a better option for himself and others. He founded Cure Medical, becoming the first person with SCI/D (Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder) to start a retail company, and the first person of such condition to start a manufacturing company of such products. Bob’s efforts did not stop only there, he has dedicated his life advocating for research for a cure of Spinal Cord Injuries and Disorders. His company, Cure Medical, destines 10% of all their net profits to be donated to Spinal Cord Research.

Cure Medical’s innovative designs and approach on how their catheters are manufactured have revolutionized the industry. For starters, their catheters have the very least amount of trauma during catherization. Their catheters have fire-polished eyelets that dramatically lower the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and are more comfortable. By simple comparison Cure Catheters are clearly better made than other catheters in the market today.

Cure Catheter Intermittent Catheters, one of their leading products were designed specially for those who find themselves needing personal and intermittent catherization. These catheters were designed with the intention of removing stress of the procedure. These disposable catheters are latex free and are free of any carcinogenic materials. They are a great and safe alternative for people that require undergoing this procedure.

Another of their innovating products is the Cure Catheter Closed System Kit, a single use unisex system that includes all the standard high quality features of Cure Catheters. They include a pre-lubricated tip with a integrated 1500ml collection bag, latex free and completely sterile for safe usage.

We here are Discount Medical Supplies, invite you to sort our selection of Cure Medical products, and place your order in support for this great cause. We support Cure Medical’s laudable efforts to seek for a cure for SCI/D, and applaud their founder Bob Yant’s efforts in this task.