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What exactly is Viral Cardiomyopathy?

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The recent news on Randy Travis's viral cardiomyopathy condition has awaken curiosity among the public in regards to what exactly the disease is and how it can develop.  Last Monday night the popular country icon was hospitalized in a Texas health care facility in critical condition and since then many have asked the question: What exactly is Viral Cardiomyopathy?

Viral Cardiomyopathy is a disease that according to the Mayo Clinic enlarges and makes the heart weak.  This makes it much harder for the organ to pump blood and make it go to the remaining parts of the body.  In critical cases, this condition can cause heart failure. Common cardiomyopathy normally happens gradually with only a few symptoms however with viral cardiomyopathy this fact differs.

"Viral cardiomyopathy can be caused by 30-plus different viruses, but it's almost impossible to pinpoint which virus it is," cardiologist Dr. Ramin Oskoui says. "Hospitals use viral cardiomyopathy as a 'catch all' diagnosis."

Cardiomyopathy is somewhat unlikely and uncommon however viral infections in the heart are not and these infections, although rarely, can lead to viral cardiomyopathy development.  In 2003 German medical researchers studied the behavior of these conditions and got to the conclusion that a "Viral infection of the heart is relatively common, usually asymptomatic and has a spontaneous and complete resolution". If the conditions persists then viral cardiomyopathy might appear.

Scientists Replicate a Human Liver and Test it Positive

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Medical technology seems to be traveling at the speed of light as Japanese scientists have achieved what many would have thought would be impossible.  A new chapter has been opened as the sci-fi purpose of exploring consequences in medical and scientific innovations has this time targeted stem cells and have been able to grow a human liver on a petri-dish.

The organ is not complete and it is s;till missing some important parts so this technique is far from reaching clinics; however, this impressive breakthrough is one that might end up saving thousands if not millions of lives.  Many years and perhaps even decades will have to go by, but eventually the breakthrough will be 100% successful.

This is the very first time that a human liver using human skin cells is created and proven functional by transplanting it into a  lab mouse and seeing that is worked like a human liver would.

"It's a huge step forward," George Daley, from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, tells NPR's Rob Stein.  "There have been groups that have attempted to generate liver cells, and that's been promising," says Daley, who wasn't involved in the current study. "This is the first attempt to regenerate the organ by mixing the cells that are critical components of that organ."

Obamacare Has it All Wrong by Sentencing Healthy Americans

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There comes a time when politicians cross the line between what is right for the people and what is right for their pockets.  With lies and charades, they try to excuse each and every one of their laws, taxes and policies to cover up the real truth of how they are profiting straight from the heart of the American people.

Obamacare has made it to the headlines once again with a new plan to affect citizens negatively and senselessly.  The new ballgame their playing will now be to punish all those healthy eaters (a group that happens to be growing rapidly) as they will now have to pay two or three times of what they are paying now.  People with chronic disease will however be paying less as it is now up the healthy culture to subsidize their lifestyle with their chronic symptoms.

Let's put this in simple terms: People who eat well, take nutrition seriously, exercise and do not eat junk food get ready to be economically sentenced to pay up for all of those nasty habits such as eating junk food, being sedentary, staying on medication and others that unhealthy people have. This is what others would call: Socialized medicine.

Popularity of Rehab and Pain Management Products

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Rehab products have become more and more popular as the years go by.  More people are believing in the benefits of physical therapy and turning to it for rehabilitation and pain management purposes.  Plenty of rehab products are used in PT.  These help the professionals in the field apply therapies that will promote the mobility, life quality, and functional ability when a patient is suffering from an impairment or a disability.  Rehab equipment also involve devices that help manage and reduce pain such as TENS and EMS units used in electrotherapy.

Among the rehab products found in our catalog we offer all you need for hot and cold therapies. Both being passive, non-invasive and non-addictive these types of therapies have become very popular for rehabilitation purposes. The application of hot and cold therapy is used for pain relief and to ease discomfort. We offer all the accessories needed for the application of this therapy such as cold packs, hot compresses, pain relieve gels and much more. Consult your physical therapist before applying hot and cold therapy on your own as a misuse of any of the rehab products used in it may result in burn to the skin if used improperly.

Pain Relief Creams for Arthritis and How They Work

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Arthritis pain can be a real pain not only to your bones and joint but also to your stomach.  Constantly drinking pills to relieve the pain can affect your digestive well-being. This is why many people end up taking another route: Pain Relief Creams. It is as simple as applying the product to your hand and rubbing it on the target area. Pain relief creams such as Biofreeze can be found at online medical supply stores and come in different types of presentations like spray, roll-on, lotion or gel.  

One of the first things you must keep in mind is that there are different types of pain relief creams out there and that you need to buy the correct one depending on your needs.  Take the time to read and make sure that if you are targeting arthritis, you get one that will heal arthritis pain and not muscle related injuries.


Surgical Instruments at Reasonable Prices

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When it comes to surgical instruments supplies, it is absolutely critical to ensure that the highest quality products are being used. Of course it is also desirable to find reasonable prices on those purchases, so it is a wise choice to shop here, where the high quality and the low prices intersect perfectly.

Product Features

Among the available surgical instruments, you will find the following products and features:

  •  Iris straight scissors are constructed from stainless steel that is surgical grade and resistant to corrosion.
  • Operating style scissors are designed in an elongated beak-like shape, with one straight edge and one slightly curved edge.
  • Straight Crile forceps are designed in a scissor-like straight style with a slightly blunted tip and a textured grip on the inner surfaces of the forceps.
  • Halstead style mosquito forceps are designed with a slight curve, scissor like handles, a textured grip on the inner surfaces of the forceps, and a slightly blunted tip.
  • Lister style bandage scissors are specifically designed with a blunt and rounded end that can slip beneath a bandage without risking damage to the patient’s skin. The inner blades of the scissors are sharp enough to cut through any thickness of bandage without effort, and the long handle of the scissors provides additional leverage to make the cutting effortless.
  • The disposable A-Clamp called True Blue is constructed of a nylon based compound that makes the clamp both lightweight and strong. The clamp is designed to occlude tubing that ranges in size from one millimeter to eight millimeters, without causing any damage to the clamped tubing.
  • The rechargeable surgical hair clipper is designed with a non-slip specialized grip, and a fixed head for easy and ergonomic shaving of patients’ body hair. The unit can be operated cordlessly when the batteries or charged, or can be plugged into a wall outlet.

Buy Advanced Wound Care Supplies

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Technology for bandages injuries has been upgraded in recent years. The toolkit of any sport person consists of an array of wound care supplies. Backed by years of research and development this selection of gauzes, sterile single-use sponges, blister pads, tapes, bandages, and dressings can fill out any first aid kit.

Wound Care Product Features

You can purchase affordable wound care products and enjoy these features:
Available wound dressings include several sizes of transparent dressings made from Tegaderm—a substance that permits breathability and air circulation while simultaneously creating a barrier impervious to bacteria and liquids. 
Wound cleansers are available in several forms, including alcohol wipes, alcohol-free hydrogen peroxide wipes, and full-sized sterile drape towels with self-adhesive strips.
Band-Aids and blister pads are offered in sizes ranging from tiny half-inch circles to extra large adhesive bandages designed to cover large areas of abrasion. Skin closure strips are reinforced for extra strength, and can even be used in lieu of stitches for some wounds, or as a stop-gap measure while a patient is transported to an emergency room to get stitches.
Gauze pads are available in many sizes, and presented in sterile single-use packaging. Options include square or rectangular pads, or elasticized rolls.


Xray supplies for your clinic at unbeatably low prices

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When it comes time to shop for Xray supplies for your clinic, medical office, or hospital, there is no better source for high quality products at unbeatably low prices.
Xray supplies Features
The x-ray accessories available here include the following products and features:
Blue X-ray film is available in both full speed and half speed, and can be purchased in a variety of sizes and configurations.
Mailing envelopes and file folders, designed specifically for the transfer and storage of x-rays, are available in several sizes. Manila mailing envelopes come in sizes that range up to eighteen inches by fifteen and a half inches. Filers are designed in the shape of an envelope with an open end, and the sizes range up to fourteen and a half inches by seventeen and a half inches.
The ABX automatic film fixer for x-ray development is available in one-gallon jugs with thoughtful packaging. Techs appreciate the color coding system that visually distinguishes the different solutions from one another.

Refresh your Knowledge on Electronic Muscle Stimulators

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Electronic muscle stimulator machines are portable devices created to perform a muscle contraction through electricity to promote pain relief and exercise. Since they were created, they have been used for health benefits and they must always be used supervised by a practitioner.

The way an electronic muscle stimulator works is by inducing a contraction through electrical impulses. Through the electrodes, the machine delivers these impulses into the skin and then the contraction takes place.  The units can vary from one manufacturer to another. For example, the popular empi tens unit can use a Comfortease Electrode Dispenser, other units bring other spects and features, but overall they all carry out the same health tasks.  The most common type of electrical stimulators are the TENS units that are used to treat a great variety of medical conditions. Overall however, there are three main reasons why the EMS units were created.

Practitioner-Patient Interaction is More Important Than you Think

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For  those of us who like going to the physiotherapist, I am sure that like me, you have had to sit in a waiting room for a while only to then be put into a treatment room and left there with your electrode pads carrying the current from a tens unit into your body. Where you able to actually talk to your therapist? Did he take the time to ask you not only how have you been feeling but perhaps how your day was? Pay attention next time you visit the physical therapy clinic and you will see how important it is for your doctor to be more interactive with you as a patient. You would be surprised how much sooner healing will come when you do that. 
Dr. Jorge Fuentes, a physical therapist who graduated from the University of Alberta, interaction with a patient is as important and necessary as the treatment.  It is not only about going in there and plugging your patient to an electrode technology machine, it´s also about the eye contact and the body language.  Most of all however would be the listening skills that therapists must have with their patients. 


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