Acne: A true enemy to self-esteem & comfort

Acne is a well-known condition of the skin that has tormented many people around the world.  These pimples or so-called "zits" have been the cause for thousands to want to hide their faces from society or spend thousands of dollars in drastic treatments.  Acne can surface in different ways including cysts (inflammation and redness of the skin), blackheads, and whiteheads.

"I am 16 and have severe cystic acne. By severe, I mean on my chest, back, forehead, right cheek, left cheek and that space right over the mouth. I hate going to school, I ignore mirrors and i don't like to look at people."

This is an unfortunate reality for many young people and even adults and it comes about when the pores on the surface of the skin get obstructed.  The pores are tiny holes that open up to a follicle that contain an oil gland and a single hair.  The oil gland carries out the important task of removing dead skin cells and keeping the skin soft and terse.  Due to different conditions the glands may carry out an over production of oil that will result in the pore being clogged.  The formation of a plug or a comedone happens when all that extra oil mixes with dirt, bacteria, and skin cells.

Although it is common in teenagers, pretty much anyone can suffer from acne.  This condition might be caused by genetics, hormonal changes, menstruation cycles, pregnancy, medication, or stress.  Other triggers of acne can come from cosmetic products containing too mucho oil, birth control pills and some types of food.

The symptoms of acne are similar in all patients regardless of their age. Whether it is on adult acne or on a teenager, it will appear on similar common places such as face, shoulders, trunk, upper and lower extremities and on the buttocks. Redness surrounding the acne is one of the most seen symptoms.  Other noticeable marks of acne are cysts, papules, pustules, white or black head and if it gets too bad there will be some scarring left on the skin.

To determine that you suffer from acne a doctor can simply do it by looking at your skin.  There is usually no need to carry out further testing.  Acne treatment though will be determined by the doctor once he or she has determined how severe it is.  Doctors will have the option of prescribing medication like Hydrocortisone Cream for example that you can easily find at online medical stores such as Discount Medical Supplies or oral and topical antibiotics.  For those patients who suffer from cystic acne that may result in scarring there will be the possibility of taking Accutane.  Accutane however is a very delicate medication to take as it has strong side effects.

Acne sufferers may also take some extra steps to ease the symptoms and discomfort from the condition.  Cleaning the skin on a daily basis and at least two times a day or after performing exercise with mild soap will be the first important step. Washing your hair daily will also help especially if you have an oily hair type and if it is, keeping it back and away from your face will help a lot.  Watching out for food that contains refined sugars is also recommended to minimize the problem.  Never squeeze, scratch, or rub pimples no matter how bad they look on your face.  It is a common feeling especially among teenagers to want to try to make whiteheads less noticeable but picking them will only make it worse.  Avoiding greasy creams and cosmetic products and removing all makeup at night will prevent your pores to be easily clogged.