If you body is telling you something... Listen!

Every day there are thousands of men, women, and children around the world trying to win the fight against cancer.  Many of these warriors have been able to beat cancer yet some others have lost the fight and are no longer with us.  Doctors refer to cancer as a malignant neoplasm where unregulated cell growth happens giving path to tumors that as they grow, end up invading adjacent body parts.  The lymphatic and the circulatory system can cause the cancerous cells to travel to other parts of the body.  Tumors can be cancerous as well as benign.  There are over 200 different types of cancers recorded in medical history.

There is a difference between the signs and the symptoms of cancer.  While they are both evidence that there is some sort of illness, disease or injury going on or that the body is not healthy, they vary between the two.  Signs can be seen by people around the patient.  For example, unregulated breathing, sweating, or rashes to the skin can be called signs.  Symptoms of cancer are those felt by the patient but not noticeable to others around.  Fatigue and pain are examples of symptoms.

Cancer can manifest a series of signs and symptoms.  The location and the size of the tumor will dictate the type of symptoms and the intensity.  When the cancerous cells travel through the bloodstream, then symptoms will be reflected in different parts of the body.

As the tumor grows, it will start to push the organs that are close as well as the nerves and blood streams.  This pressure will result in different symptoms that are very particular in cancer.  In critical areas, tumors do not have to be that big to cause symptoms.  In other places that cancer begins, it brings out symptoms until it has grown large enough to push other nerves and organs that are close.

Some cancer symptoms are chronic fatigue, rapid weight loss, and sporadic fever.  The reason why the patient feels so tired and looses weight is due to the rapid growth of cells uses the body's supply of energy.  The immune system also gets affected and triggers different signs and symptoms.

Treating cancer can be much more successful when it is found and taken care of at an early stage. By doing so, the chances of being cured from cancer are much higher and survival of the patient as well.  Medical technology will allow a better care for the patient along with a variety of nutrition supplements such as Peptamen needed by people who are being treated for cancer. However, no matter how far medicine advancement have gone it is important that people do not ignore any symptoms they might be feeling.  Sometimes out of fear or lack of economical sustainability, people tend to ignore cancer symptoms.  The fact that one can have symptoms it does not mean that they are cancer symptoms but it is always important to visit your physician no matter what.