Caring for Your Tens Electrodes to Enhance Their Use

Having the proper care of your tens electrodes is very important.  Not only will it increase the life your electrodes but also it will also increase their effectiveness when getting any type of electrotherapy.

The first thing to consider is to make sure that the skin on the area to be treated is completely clean.  If it is not you need to wash it with soap and water and dry it thoroughly.  You must remove all the oil, lotion or any type of impurity in the skin before the placement of your tens electrodes.  If the area has a lot of hair, it is recommended if you shave before the electrodes are placed on your skin.  You want to have a clean, dry, hair free area before you apply the electrodes.

It is also recommended to use an electrode skin prep gel with antiperspirant properties such as the Tens Skin Prep lotion.  It will help you increase the adhesiveness and the effectiveness of the connectivity resulting in a better electrotherapy.  With repetitive use, it decreases irritation caused on the skin by the electrodes.

Once you have taken care of the treatment area and made sure it's completely clean you are ready to apply the electrode to your skin.  Peel off the electrode from one of its corners slowly and never from the wire.  Place the electrode on the site and press it for a few seconds for the adhesive to react to the body temperature and stick correctly.

When you have used an electrode for 10 or 15 times you will feel that the effectiveness of the adhesive will start to decrease.  Spraying a little electrolyte solution on the electrode before you place it on the skin can extend the life of your electrodes by a few more uses.  Once your electrodes are in place, you can begin your electrotherapy.

Once you have finalized your therapy and you have turned off your tens machine you have to remove your electrodes by peeling them off from your skin carefully from one of the corners like before.  With a few drops of water wipe off any dead skin cells from the electrode gently so that the adhesiveness is not affected. Put them back into their original film and packaging to keep them hydrated and store them.

If there is any adhesive left on your skin you can go ahead and use a post tens lotion that will help you replenish your skin and bring down any irritation caused by the application of the electrodes.