Cervical Indentation Pillow Product Review

Cervical pillowLong used in cases of neck and back pain, a cervical indentation pillow can position a person’s neck and head in the most neutral and natural of positions in order to eliminate ergonomic problems. The cervical vertebrae are those pieces of the spine that make up a person’s neck bones, and this particular pillow is designed and crafted with the cervical vertebrae specifically in mind.

Product Features

This position provides both the comfort of a downy headrest and the ergonomic advantages of high performance design features:

  • The fiber filling of this premier pillow is as comfortable as down for the sleeper who uses it.
  • The shape of the pillow is rectangular with a modeled square indentation in the center. The design was created by ergonomic experts to provide the most neutral positioning of the head, with support for those cervical vertebrae, thereby relieving muscle pain caused by sleeping in irregular positions without proper support.
  • The product is hyper allergenic, and can be used with a standard twin sized pillow case.
  • This cervical pillow works for people who sleep on their backs, as well as people who sleep on their sides. Regardless of position, the pillow provides the support your body needs in order to avoid ongoing cases of muscle pain and joint displacement.

What Buyers Like About the Product

Buyers love the comforts of this pillow:

  • Its hypoallergenic fiber filling is both comfortable for the neck and head, and useable for those with asthma or allergies. With a feel similar to traditional down (minus the allergic properties and the poke of feathers), this pillow is among the most comfortable on the market.
  • The cover material of the pillow repels moisture of a sleeper’s sweat, as well as the accumulation of dry skin flakes that can compromise the hypoallergenic qualities and make a pillow unhygienic.
  • Because it is constructed in a standardized size, buyers can use the standard pillow cases that come with their sets of bed sheets.
  • The dimensions of the pillow are twenty-four inches by sixteen inches (or sixty-one centimeters by forty-one centimeters).
  • Using this pillow, buyers enjoy comfort as well as practicality, improving their own health and wellness by its use.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Product

The main complaint of buyers is the fact that once they have used this pillow, they don’t want to go back to a regular model. Sleeping in a hotel room or a friend’s guest room seems suddenly less comfortable than before, because the sleeper is so accustomed to the comfort and support of their pillow at home. Many fans have solved this problem by traveling with their pillow so they can enjoy its comforts wherever they go.    

This cervical indentation pillow is among the most comfortable and supportive on the market. It fulfills its purpose of relieving strain to the back and neck by providing support in the places needed for ergonomic excellence, allowing its users to sleep comfortably and wake without pain.