Cervical Pillow or Memory Foam Pillow?

memory-foam-pillowShould I choose a  Cervical or Memory Foam Pillow? Hmmm, lets take a look at both types of Pillows so that you can make the best choice for you on Discount Medical Supplies.

Cervical pillows which are ergonomically designed to help you create the support your neck needs to be in a proper position while you sleep, as well as at the same time cradle your shoulders, head and neck.   A cervical pillow will help you align your neck and head at the apropriate angle while  you are in a resting position in your bed.   Note,  Its very  important to be aware of that when you are sleeping on your side or back that the angles and spacing between your body and your mattress become very different. This is the reason to think about having  a cervical pillow, so that the cervical pillow would rise rise where your neck would be and compress where your head would rest.  There are many  types of cervical pillows on Discount Medical Supplies  to choose from in order to see which cervical pillow would be best for you.  Cervical pillows come in many shapes and sizes.  However, with all of the different types of cervical pillows  most of them are being made of memory foam.  Memory Foam would help you to accomodate the compressing and decompressing forces while you sleep.. 


By the way if you sleep on your back then you would want to consider Cradle pillows, Comfort pillows or Cervical Indentation pillows.  Theses Pillows tend to be slightly thinner, which aids in makeing sure that the smaller spaces between your neck and your mattress are ergonomically correct. 

So lets take a look at Memory Foam Pillows which were originally created by NASA and then re-designed by mattress manufacturers to help provide an alternative to the traditional foam pillows and mattresses.  Memory foam which is typicaly more expensive is better known for its remarkeable ability to conform and hold to your neck and head on a cell-to-cell basis.

The most common use of Memory Foam in Pillows would be to help relieve pain that would be associated with sleeping in uncomfortable or incorrect sleeping positions. . Memory foam helps solve the problems of poorly positioned sleep caused by weight improperly on the shoulders, spine, and neck, by distributing the weight of the body more evenly throughout the pillow.  This would alleviate most of the painful feelings throughout the day.

Therefore, to answer the questions Memery Foam Pillow or Cervical Pillow it really depends on your individual needs.  Just choose whats right for you on www.discountmedicalsupplies.com