Choosing the Correct Electrodes for your Tens Unit

correct-electrodesHow do you know which electrode to use for your Tens unit or combo tens unit?  On Discount Medical Supplies there are many different electrodes that come in many different colors, sizes, shapes, and  materials such as Foam Or Cloth.  Lets start with the electrode material first.

Should I buy Cloth electrodes or Foam Electrodes.  Cloth Electrodes also known as Fabric Electrodes are used in more bendable or moveable areas such as the neck, hand or foot.  The Cloth Electrodes will bend more easily while sticking better to these small more moveable areas. 

The most popular size in the cloth electrodes would be the 2X2 inch square electrodes.  The Foam Electrodes would be used on larger muscle groups or less flexable areas like the mid or lower back.  Again the most popular size would be the 2X2 as well.


Electrodes found on Disount Medical Supplies come in many shapes and sizes.  When determining what size electrode to use it usually comes down  taste, as well as the region you are putting the electrodes on.  The larger the area the larger the electrode.  As far as the shapes they come in round, square, rectangle and butterfly.   When choosing the shape again take into account where you are placing the electrode.  The most popular size and shape would be the 2X2 square inch electrode.

AS far as choosing the color of your electrode it is totally up to you.  The color has no importance as to how the electrode will function.

How many packages of disposable electrodes should I buy?  1 package of electrodes based on daily usage will last about 1 week.  Therefore if you are using your tens unit regularly you would want to buy 1 package per week.