Chris Pratt Shows Off his Amazing Body Transformation

Actor Chris Pratt who many of you might remember as the goofy and flabby Andy Dwyer from "Parks and Recreation" has gone from from flab to "fab"!  He is now looking absolutely fabulous after the amazing body transformation he has achieved as he gets ready to play a galactic leader in the new and upcoming Marvel Film "Guardians of the Galaxy".  Whether it is for envy, for lust or for inspiration, Chris Pratt has indeed created a stir among the media and his transformation has made him one of the top search trends on Google. 
According to the actor himself, the first step he had to take to begin this six-month journey was to give up beer.  Chris shared a picture of himself showing off an amazing rock hard set of abdominal muscles with a caption saying "No beer six months".  So giving up a six pack of beer to get a six pack of great abdominals was a good move.  Although Chris Pratt is no stranger to body transformations as he had previously done the same for "Zero Dark Thirty", this new change of look and lifestyle is one that deserves all hats off and a round of applause. 
Marvel announced a few months ago that Chris Pratt had gotten the role to play Peter Quill in "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie.  In this role he turns into Starlord, the intergalactic superhero that is son of a human mother and an alien father. His first appearance in Marvel Comics was back in 1976 after being created by Steve Englehart and Steve Gan.  Many critics at first believed that it was weird to have this role played by someone who has been known to be a comedian.  But judging by the body transformation he put himself through, we can see that Chris Pratt takes his job very seriously and very professionally. 
Many people around the world have been able to accomplish what Chris Pratt did.  The fact that they are not movie stars and Google searches do not boom for them, it does not mean that they get less credit. On the contrary, the fact that they do it for themselves and their families and not for a movie gives them a lot more credit than anyone would get.  These are ordinary people that make the decision of getting fit at the gym or at home with fitness products that they can even buy at stores like Discount Medical Supplies.  They decide to eat better and take nutrition supplements and make changes in their life that lead them to an amazing body transformation just like Chris Pratt.