Country Star Randy Travis diagnosed with Viral Cardiomyopathy

Popular country singer Randy Travis, 54,  has made the headlines again as he did last year, however this time around is due to a complicated and critical viral heart infection.  His publicist announced on Monday that Randy has been diagnosed with Viral Cardiomyopathy. Travis remains hospitalized in Texas. 
In 2012 the name Randy Travis had been on the main media outlets due to his arrest after being charged with assault and public intoxication.  Back then, he got lucky enough to walk away on probation; it is uncertain how lucky he will be this time to be able to walk away from this one. 
The latest update on his condition came from his sister-in-law in a statement saying that he has undergone surgery and that it is possible that his condition is due to hereditary genetics. She mentioned that hers husband, Randy's brother, had suffered a heart attack last year and that their mother had passed away for similar complications. 
Viral cardiomyopathy is a heat disease that is triggered by a viral infection happening within this blood pumping muscle.  The heart looses strength and does not function as properly as it should.  This results in a series of complications such as dizziness, fatigue and may also cause shortness of breath.  The condition's prognosis may vary from case to case as the severity will dictate the type of treatment that will be needed.  One constant factor that does not vary when someone  is diagnosed with Viral cardiomyopathy is that the patient will have to make some changes in their lifestyle permanently. 
There is medication that patients with Viral cardiomyopathy can be prescribed that will make their heart functions improve and by adding them to a healthy lifestyle it might be enough to pull through.  Alternative therapies are also a possibility when the doctor approves of them. There are methods to increase the blood circulation that have been taken into account to treat patients with this condition.  Tests have shown that with someone suffers from Viral cardiomyopahty the heart is enlarged and this makes it dangerous for it to be put through hard labor, high intensity workouts and exertion. 
According to doctors, it is possible that what Randy Travis is going through today has also been worsen by his use of alcohol, and that although this is only speculation, they would not be surprised that indeed it has been that way. 
Randy was set to perform in Deadwood, S.D this week but his country fans will not be able to hear him perform their favorite Randy Travis hits such as “Deeper Than The Holler”  and “Three Wooden Crosses"
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