Buy Diabetic Supplies and Diabetic Products

diabetic-suppliesAs any Diabetic knows, maintaining health and healthy blood sugar levels requires the help of many Diabetic supplies, so it is useful and cost effective to be able to purchase them from a single source with great prices.

Diabetic Products Features


The Diabetic supply items include:

  • A prefilled case for medical syringes, specifically designed for an easy fit in purse or pocket. The notched interior holds the plunger of the syringe in any pre set position for your individual dosage. The case fits most syringes manufactured by PharmaPlast, B-D, E-Z Ject, TERUMO, or any brand except Monoject. The order comes with both a black case and a white case made of polypropylene.
  • A micro fridge manufactured by InvaCare, designed as a MediColer for keeping insulin. The micro fridge comes with both a 110 volt power cord for wall outlets and a twelve volt direct current cord for the car. It is designed to hold either nine insulin bottles or a trio of prefilled syringe pens.
  • Control solutions for use in standardizing glucose checking machines. Available brands include Contour, TRUEtest and TRUEcontrol, Keynote, and Accu-check control solutions, each available in small and portable dropper bottles.
  • Glucose meters designed for compact portability and flexible usage. Available models include the TrueTrack smart system, the TrueBalance kit, the Freedom Lite by FreeStyle, the compact plus Accu-Chek, and the Avia System by Accu-Chek. The various meters have different specific features, but each is designed to keep you healthy and on top of your glucose monitoring for a low price.
  • A savvy Diabetic monitors glucose levels closely and has the tools on hand to affect the glucose when the body needs assistance. Insulin products include insulin pumps, protector cases for insulin doses, infusion sets, and insulin reservoirs.
  • When lancets are needed for glucose testing, you can take your pick from among a number of different brands and designs. Options include twist off lancets, safety designs, and soft touch options by a variety of manufacturers. Purchase test strips from the same source and save your time and money.

What Buyers Like About the Diabetic supplies

Not only do these Diabetic products provide every necessary product for your Diabetic health care, but you can even purchase the daily organizer that keeps all your supplies in a tidy and compact case that keeps every item close to hand when you are on the go.  Purchase the supplies you need and keep your glucose meter, syringes, control solution, and other supplies easily to hand in a purse or briefcase.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Diabetic supplies

It is an unfortunate fact of life for any Diabetic that health management requires careful attention and a number of medical supplies. No Diabetic enjoys this fact, but the hassle and risk can be minimized by keeping yourself supplied with the best of products at the lowest of prices.


Whatever your Diabetic diagnosis or prognosis, you can find all the Diabetic supplies you need to maintain your health without interrupting your life. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Diabetic Supplies for you.