Digital Ultima Five Transcutaneal Electrical Nerve Stimulation

digital-ultima-fiveThe Digital Ultima Five TENS is a dual channel Transcutaneal Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) unit that can be used for physical therapy or for pain relief.

Digital Ultima Five TENS Product Features



This therapy unit includes the following features:

  •  The TENS unit has dual channels with independent controls.
  • Each channel operates independently in five separate modes: one constant mode, two bust modes, and two pulse modes with modulations of width.
  • The two wave forms are rectangular biphasic symmetrical and rectangular mono-phasic.
  • he Digital Ultima Five TENS unit’s large LCD digital screen shows the adjustment settings for each channel’s treatment mode, as well as graphic depiction of the pulses being delivered.
  • The control buttons on the Ultima Five are simple and straightforward. Just seven buttons (power on/off, mode, timer, channel one plus, channel one minus, channel two plus, and channel two minus. At the top of the unit, two rotary dials enable the operator to make easy adjustments to the power of pulse and the timing of pulse delivery.
  • The unit requires two double ‘A’ batteries to power its functions. The batteries are not included with the purchase.
  •  Purchase of this unit includes a compact soft carrying case and a pack of self adhesive electrodes for use with the electrical leads for the two channels.

What Buyers Like About the Digital Ultima Five TENS

  • Users particularly enjoy these features when they operate the unit:
  • Safety features include an automatic shut off switch to ensure there is no overstimulation or malfunction of the unit while it is in use on a patient.
  • Because the unit runs on common double ‘A’ batteries rather than a hard to find specialized power source, it is easy to keep it supplied with power. Some users opt for rechargeable batteries so they do not have to keep buying replacement batteries.
  • The small soft carrying pouch is conveniently compact, making it easy to slip into a pocket between uses. It is a more user friendly case than many of the oversized hard sided cases that add bulk to a machine.  

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Digital Ultima Five TENS

This unit cannot be sold to lay people for home use; only licensed medical professionals are qualified to purchase and use the machine. This may be disappointing to a patient wanting to provide home therapy between clinical visits, but the restriction is in line with limitations on comparable types of medical equipment.

Some technicians express the wish for an AC power adapter so the unit could be used without sucking battery power. Its battery powered operation does make it very portable, though, and it can easily be toted from one room to another in a clinic, or among patients on a sports field, or any other mobile situation.


The Digital Ultima Five TENS provides traditional Transcutaneal Electrical Nerve Stimulation therapy with a modern looking digital presentation. The TENS unit can be sold to properly licensed medical technicians only, and it is ideal for the clinical environment for which it was designed. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Tens Unit for you.