Electrode Ultrasound Gel Product Review

ultrasound-gelThis large quantity Electrode Ultrasound Gel: 5 Liter bag with 8oz Dispenser Bottle enables a clinic to keep their ultrasound use supplied with the necessary gel at a low cost similar to bulk rate buying.

Electrode Ultrasound Gel Product Features



This therapy accessory includes the following features:

  •  The gel bacterio-static, meaning that bacterial cultures will not grow in the stored gel and it will still be sterile when it is applied for patient use. It is also hypoallergenic and non-sensitizing, making it safe to use even on patients with allergies or sensitivities or particularly rash prone skin.
  • This gel has a wide range of applications in a clinical setting, most notably as a conductive substance for transmission of ultrasound stimulation, and conductive surface through which electrodes can transmit electrical impulses. Its clinical applications include lubrication for ultrasound applications, conductive lubrication for the application of electrodes, imaging for diagnostic purposes, and any other external medical procedure that requires a thick or conductive gel medium.
  • The viscosity of the gel is medium to high, maximizing conductivity and preventing the gel from drying while it is still in use on the patient’s skin.
  •  The five gallon container is squared in shape, making it easy to store in shelving without taking up any unnecessary space.
  • The labeling on both the five gallon container and the smaller dispenser is given at both English and Spanish for ease of application in bilingual clinics.
  • The Electrode Ultrasound gel’s lubricating properties ensure that an ultrasound wand or applicator will glide across the patient’s skin unobstructed, at the same time providing additional conductivity to enhance the sensitivity of the electrodes and ultrasound and other medical devices that are used with this quality of gel.
  • Despite the deceptively low price, this gel is the most popular brand name gel, and its low price is due to the bulk buying option of such a large container.

What Buyers Like About the Electrode Ultrasound Gel

  • Users particularly enjoy these features of the product:
  • The ultrasound gel included with the device is water soluble and fully washable, and will not stain clothing or sheets if it comes into contact. This feature is appreciated both by the patients whose clothing might come into contact with it, and the clinics using the gel (not to mention their laundering services).
  •  Even patients with ultra sensitive skin find that this hypoallergenic gel does not irritate their skin after contact.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Electrode Ultrasound Gel

Many patients dislike the gooey feel of ultrasound gel against their skin, particularly when the gel is cold. This can be easily addressed by gently warming the gel before putting it into use. Some clinics use a microwave, while others invest in a specialized stand for holding and warming the eight ounce dispenser bottle.


Purchasing Electrode Ultrasound Gel: 5 Liter bag with 8oz Dispenser Bottle provides therapy clinics with a low cost option for keeping supplied with gel for ultrasound procedures and application of electrodes.  Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Ultrasound Gel for you.