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electrodes-suppliesSquare cloth electrodes are used to connect a patient’s skin to a measurement instrument such as EEG, defibrillator, ECT, or ECG, transmitting vital signs and other bio-stats to the machine in question. With the advantage of easy application by simple self-adhesive tape, these electrodes are ideal for patient use at home, as well as in medical and clinical settings.

Electrodes Supplies Product Features



Designed for easy use by medical professionals and laymen alike, this cloth electrode has the following features:

  • Adhesive cloth backing one and one-half inches square, designed for patient comfort and ease of application.
  • Universal electrode plug attaches easily to any measurement machine for quick hook-up to monitor the patient’s vital statistics.
  • Four electrodes included in each pack.
  • Manufactured by Clinical Health Services.
  • Product number A4556 / A4595.

Like all medically designed electrodes, these garment supplies backed electrodes measure the electric currents conducted across the patient’s skin, thereby assessing conditions ranging from heart rate to oxygenation of the blood.

With placement of the electrodes on the chest, the electrodes measure the trans-thoracic electrical currents of the heart and circulatory system, monitoring the regularity and rate of heartbeats, the position and size of the heart’s chambers, identifying any cardiac damage or irregularity, and tracking any changes in cardiac and circulatory performance.

 Used as a standard measurement of a patient’s vital statistics, these numbers provide the baseline information for a medical practitioner to assess the patient’s condition, or even for a home care layperson to be reassured that the patient’s vitals are functioning properly.

Patients in any stage of health care can be assessed by the non-invasive use of this electrode in conjunction with a measurement device designed for its use. This combination ensures easy monitoring of the patient’s condition in either a medical setting or during care at home.

What Buyers Like About the Electrodes Supplies

Electrodes provide a non-invasive platform for performing a number of measurements of a patient’s bodily functions. These square cloth electrodes are particularly designed for ease of use, with a quick motion of removing the adhesive backing and simply placing the electrode on the chest of the patient in the designated area.

Buyers enjoy:

  • The ease of use of this electrode, designed for any person to use without need of extensive medical training.
  • The functionality of the electrode, measuring critical biostatistics of a patient at home or in a medical setting.
  •  The simple self-adhesive set-up of the electrode.
  • The comfortable cloth backing, designed specifically for the comfort of the patient whether used over long term or short term periods of time.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Electrodes Supplies

For high-volume clinics, the packaging number of only four electrodes per package seems low, but at the discount prices offered, a larger number of products can easily be ordered to suit the needs of any facility.


These electrodes supplies are among the most comfortable and the most easy to use of any medical electrodes on the market. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Electrodes and Garment Supplies for you.