Buy Electrotherapy Units and Discount Electrotherapy Units

electrotherapy-unitsIf you need electrotherapy units for pain relief or therapy, this selection of machines and accessories can combine to serve any purpose.

Electrotherapy Product Features



The available products for electrotherapy include:

  • Combination therapy units that provide transcutaneal electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and electrical musculoskeletal stimulation (EMS). Combo units include the Care Tec two, the second edition of the Twin Stim, the third Twin Stim InTENSity unit, the micro combination by InTENSity, the combination TENS and EMS machine, and the TENS and Interferential combination unit.
  • Available electrodes, designed for use with electrotherapy machines, include a variety of options. They include round or square electrodes, made from cloth or foam, and available in white or tan or blue. Most of the electrodes come in packs of four, and are self adhesive.
  • Electrode garments, such as gloves with electrical leads, are also available.
  • Electrotherapy units need power sources and accessories, and a user can find those accessories among the products here. The accessories include lead wires, lead wires with clips at the tips, electrical chargers for electrotherapy units, and various types of batteries for the units.
  • Skin prep products include ultrasound lotions and gels in various sizes of dispensers, ranging from purse sized two ounce bottles to gallon jugs with pump handles.
  • Infrared units are available in a wand design that makes for an easy grip and application by the patient or by another party. With a plug in power source and several power settings, infrared helps with deep tissue massage. They help a patient to boost blood flow and increase the speed of healing of soft tissues.
  • In addition to the combo and Infra red units, a patient can select electrotherapy machines that specialize in a particular type of stimulation. These include Russian Stim machines, muscle stimulators, micro-current units, TENS only units, galvanic machines, and interferential units.

What Buyers Like About the Electrotherapy Units?

Here are some features enjoyed by people who need electrotherapy for pain relief or for recovery from injury or surgery:

  • It is a relief for people to find a single source where they can find all of their electrotherapy requirements. It is a simple matter to order an electrotherapy machine, along with the necessary chargers or power sources, leads or wires, electrodes, and gels or lotion.
  • In addition to a full range of products, the discounts available here make the equipment and accessories affordable for anyone.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Electrotherapy Units?

Not every insurance policy will cover this type of electrotherapy equipment, but a patient can work with a prescribing doctor to find out what parameters the insurance policy will fill with the doctor’s orders. Even if insurance does not help with the cost, the items here are affordable and well worth the investment when you are able to heal more quickly and with less discomfort.


Whatever electrotherapy unit or accessory you need, you can find it in this selection of affordable electrotherapy options.