Hi Flexibility Ankle black Product Review

hi-flexibility-ankle-blackThe Hi Flexibility Ankle black, manufactured by Core, uses an innovative design to provide comfortable support while still allowing flexibility and movement of the ankle.

Hi Flexibility Ankle black Product Features




This orthopedic support device includes the following features:

  • The back area of the brace, covering the Achilles tendon and heel, is constructed of flexible elasticized material that allows the permitted amount of extension and flexion of the foot. At the same time, the solid plastic sides help to protect the ankle from lateral movement, including twisting or rolling.
  • Cutouts on the side provide room for the ankle bone, or malleolus, so the wearer does not experience chafing of plastic parts over the tender and un-cushioned ankle bone.
  • A strap across the instep provides support for the arch of the foot, supported by the plastic sides of the brace.
  • The  Hi Flexibility Ankle brace can be ordered in any one of four sizes—small, medium, large, and extra large. Ordering the proper size ensures that the brace can be worn long term with a comfortable fit.
  • The front of the brace features a classic design of laces, which enable the wearer to adjust the brace for a snug and supportive fit. Combined with the elasticized back, the fit remains comfortable even while providing support.

What Buyers Like About the Hi Flexibility Ankle black

Buyers enjoy these features of the orthopedic support:

  • Purchasing the correct size of brace ensures a comfortable and supportive fit that lasts all day for people who need support around the clock.
  • The brace can be used on either the right or left foot, and is unisex in its design, so it can be used flexibly.
  • The plastic and elastic elements of the brace can be hand washed to prevent odors from accumulating after athletic exertions or even regular daytime wear. If needed, the plastic pieces can be rubbed down with a damp cloth to remove any stain or dirt marks.
  • The white brace is nearly invisible when worn with athletic socks, and the slim design will fit inside any athletic shoe, making this an excellent choice for someone who needs discreet ankle support for sporting events or casual play.
  • Movement is possible while wearing the brace, so it does not inhibit the basic functionalities needed for walking or running.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Hi Flexibility Ankle black

Some buyers express initial concerns about the harder plastic on the sides of this brace, and the potential consequences regarding comfort and fit.

 However, when they put on the brace they quickly find that the lateral sections cut out for ankle bones, combined with the elasticized back of the brace, make a very comfortable fit. The user can wear this brace all day long without incurring rubbing injuries or discomfort, particularly when the brace is worn over a comfortable athletic sock.


The Hi Flexibility Ankle black, manufactured by Core, is a low priced and high support option for ankle support that provides comfort and stability for the user. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Orthopedic Support for you.