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If you are in need of foot care supplies, you might look at supports for plantar fasciitis or heel pain, inserts and insoles and supports, foot massagers, or even support socks.

Product Features




The features of these products include:

  • A heel wedge manufactured by Core can be inserted inside a shoe to relieve pain in the heel, including effects of plantar fasciitis. This heel wedge is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.
  • A comfort pad for the foot, manufactured by Core that provides full wrap around padding for every angle and aspect of the foot. With wrap around padding and Velcro closure, this foot pad is perfect for night time use or any time when you are not wearing shoes.
  • The Doctor Archy massager for feet features an ingenious design that straps onto the foot and allows the user to roll the foot back and forth over the massager.
  • Support socks come in options ranging from white athletic socks to white knee socks to dark dress socks. You can order in the color and size that best suits your needs, and acquire the support you need for your arches or calves.

What Buyers Like About the Foot Care Supplies

Users of these products enjoy these elements of the products:

  • Buyers of the heel wedges appreciate their versatility, as well as the comfort and support they provide. The wedges can easily be moved from one shoe to another, including athletic shoes, dress shoes, and even ladies’ pumps.
  • Anyone who needs full padding for a sore or injured foot will enjoy the cushy comfort of this full foot padding device.
  • The Doctor Archy massager is very simple to put on, simply by strapping the Velcro padded strap around the arch of the foot. The rolling mechanism beneath the arch of the foot gently massages the arch when the wearer rolls the foot back and forth over the wheel apparatus. The massager provides instantaneous relief, and can be used beneath a desk at work, or in a number of other situations. It also does not take up much space, so it can easily fit in a desk drawer or purse or shoulder bag.
  • Even a person without foot problems can reap benefits from specialized support socks. This is even more strongly the case for someone who does need additional arch support, or support for varicose veins in the lower legs.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Foot Care Products

Users of the foot comfort pad have expressed the wish that the padding were compatible with wearing shoes, but the bottom line is that this much padding can not be contained within a shoe. It turns out to be terrific for the times when you don’t need to be wearing your shoes.


With such a variety of foot care products, this selection will take care of any of your foot care needs. You can enjoy affordable support and relief by using a single product or a combination. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Aids to daily living for you.