health news - TENS - EMS Combo Unit Product Review

tens-ems-combo-unitThe TENS/EMS Combo Unit is one of the most durable of the portable therapy machines on the market. Offering twelve operative modes and dual channels, it can be used for various forms of therapy in the field.

TENS/EMS Combo Unit Product Features



This unit includes the following features:

•    The hard plastic case of this unit includes swing-out protective covers for the areas with buttons and dials, making it impervious to knocks and bumps while it is in use.
•    The timer automatically records the number of treatment sessions and total time of use, and can be set for continuous use, or for increments of ten, twenty, thirty, forty-five, sixty, or ninety minutes.
•    The rise and fall times range from zero to five seconds in steps of one-quarter second each, and both the action time and the rest time can be set from one to sixty seconds.
•    The purchase of this unit includes a pair of electrode leads, three four-packs of self-adhesive electrodes, a protective carrying case, a clip for the belt, batteries, and a five year warranty.
•    The oversized LCD display screen makes it simple to see how the machine is set, including the treatment countdown for billing or scheduling purchases.
•    The frequency of pulse ranges from two Hertz to one hundred twenty Hertz. The width of pulse can be adjusted in a range from fifty to four hundred microseconds, in increments of fifty microseconds.
•    The wave form operates in symmetrical rectangular, either symmetrical or alternated.
•    The amplitude of pulse for either channel ranges from five milliamps to one hundred milliamps on a one Kilo Ohm load.
•    The power can be supplied by either a nine volt square DC battery or by two double A alkaline cells.
•    The TENS/EMS Combo can run in synchronous mode, alternation mode, or constant mode.

What Buyers Like About The TENS/EMS Combo Unit

Buyers of this machine enjoy these features:

•    Users enjoy the ability to apply transcutaneal electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for chronic and acute pain, or electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) for rehabilitation, massage, toning muscles, or relieving pain in muscles.
•    A truly rare feature with this machine is the easy reading of the instruction manual. Not written in the confounding and confusing jargon of most manuals, this one is actually applauded by its readers for its readability.
•    For use outdoors, in rough settings, or on the go, the durable design of this unit and its protected dials enable it to keep functioning even in the rough and tumble settings where injuries may be treated in situ.

What Buyers Don’t Like About The TENS/EMS Combo Unit

This machine doesn’t offer as many modalities as some others, but it does provide the most solid of treatment options for those who need just EMS and TENS for administering therapy.


The TENS/EMS Combo Unit is constructed to wear on the belt, making it portable and handy for use in the field, and ready to take any knocks that it might receive during use. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supply and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Combo Unit for you.