High Glycemic Index Proves to be Addictive

New studies carried out recently show that when we eat fast digesting carbohydrates, meaning those that are reflected easily on the glycemic index, we might be altering our brain functions resulting in an addiction to certain types of food. 
Through such research scientists where able to show that if a person avoids rich carbs, they will be able to lose weight much more easily.  Although this sounds like it is not rocket science because we all know carbohydrates will make you gain weight when the intake is incorrect, the new discovery is based also on the fact that carbohydrates will make you develop food cravings as well. 
A person who has been battling a weight problem, the first and most important thing to do is to limit refined carbohydrates. By doing so, the cravings for more carbohydrates will be minimized and it will definitely be a great start to battle the weight.  The research suggested that calories act upon the human body differently as they have particular effects on the metabolism of the brain. Each person is different and might not develop food cravings, but when the cravings are present the first step to reduce those would be to give up the cause of those cravings, meaning refined carbs. 
Another research has suggested that when a person´s intake of fat is high, the brain can create its own disposition of depression and therefore increase the risk of anxiety that will lead to more cravings. 
MRI scans of 12 participants that suffer overweight or obesity where helpful to determine such facts. The MRIs took place after they had been given a meal with high levels of carbohydrates. The blood glucose levels of the participants were measured during an important period of four hours after they had taken their meals. 
The participants in this medical research were given a milkshake. Part of the group was given a milkshake with different types of sugars but besides that both of the milkshakes used for the study were the similar in other aspects. One of the shakes contained a high glycemic index, or those that can be digested easily, and the other one was made with slow digesting carbs. 
The group of participants that took the milkshake containing the faster digesting carbohydrates measured a high blood sugar level at the beginning however these levels dropped considerably after four hours. This drop caused them to feel extremely hungry.  The MRIs also caught intensive action at the nucleus accumben. This is an area of the brain that holds most of the information on addictive behaviors of the human body. 
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