InTENSity Micro Combo Product Review

intensity-micro-comboThe InTENSity Micro Combo provides a combination of TENS and Micro current stimulation in a pocket sized device. Portable and flexible for treatment in a variety of situations, this unit is an ace machine for a physical therapist or medical practitioner.

Product Features


The InTENSity Micro Combo includes the following features:

  • The unit delivers current in two separate waveforms, both TENS and Micro current. TENS stimulation is delivered in four modes, and the operator can adjust within a range from zero to seven hundred micro-amps.
  • The TENS and micro-current stimulations are both delivered in waves of mono-phasic square form.
  • The rate of pulse for both TENS and micro-current range from one to one hundred and fifty Hertz. The width of pulse for TENS ranges from fifty to three hundred microseconds, and the width of pulse for micro-current ranges from two to two hundred milliseconds.
  • The voltage output is delivered in the form of constant current for both TENS and Micro-current modes. The current strength for micro-current ranges from zero to seven hundred micro-amps, while the current strength for TENS ranges from zero to one hundred milliamps.
  • The timer feature for both micro-current and TENS stimulations ranges from one to sixty, with the additional option of a constant delivery.
  • A large LCD screen makes it easy to toggle among the settings with just a few buttons. The machine is easy to use for any operator with any background.

What Buyers Like About the InTENSity Micro Combo

Buyers enjoy a number of facets of the device, including these:

  • The micro lives up to its name with its small size, making it the perfect choice for any physical therapist that makes it a priority to be mobile. Whether that means moving among sports players on the field and in the locker room, or moving among exam rooms in a clinic, this tiny unit is useful everywhere.
  • Because of its small size, affordable price, and easy operation, this machine has become popular among sports players who need quick treatment at home or after a game or match. It travels easily, and is easy to use even on oneself.
  • Due to the variety of combo treatments, this unit serves well to provide therapy for strained muscles and joints, recovery from surgery or injury, and a wide variety of other conditions. Even arthritis sufferers can relieve pain at low cost and at any time relief is needed.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the InTENSity Micro Combo

Packed with options and adjustable settings, the machine might seem too complex for the first time user. However, a very short period will serve to familiarize the operator with the easy to use buttons and LCD screen, and they will be on their way to quick and effective treatments in no time.


The InTENSity Micro Combo is a terrific choice for any therapist or medical provider who is looking for a multitude of options in a small and portable package with multiple modes of delivery.

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