InTENSity 10 Product Review

intensity-10The InTENSity 10 provides therapeutic transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) with specific settings targeted to various parts of the body. This unit is the latest and greatest addition to the family of InTENSity treatment devices.

InTENSity 10 Product Features



This therapy unit includes the following features:

  • Ten pre-set buttons, each labeled with a body part and a schematic of that body part, make it easy to set all the parameters most conducive to treating any given area of the body, without guesswork or experimentation.
  • The InTENSity 10 unit runs at a fixed one hundred and five milliamps.
  • An integrated timer allows the operator to run the machine continuously, or to count down from a pre-set number of minutes.
  • The unit operates on dual isolated channels, enabling the operator to treat two areas of the body simultaneously.
  • The wave form is fixed at a square mono-phasic pulse.
  • The rate of pulse can be adjusted within a range from fifty Hertz to one hundred and fifty Hertz.
  • The width of the pulse can be adjusted within a range from one hundred microseconds to two hundred and sixty microseconds.
  • The LCD digital display screen shows the parameters being used, according to the body part selected for treatment, as well as the timer’s countdown and other critical information about the treatment cycle being used at any given time.
  • The unit can run on the power of a nine volt battery, or while plugged into an outlet with the included AC adapter.

What Buyers Like About the InTENSity 10

Users particularly enjoy these features when they operate the unit:

  • Because of the pre-set programs and the individualized settings for specific areas of the body, this unit is ready to operate after the simple touch of two buttons. The body-part specifications are marked with pictures showing each body area, as well as the appropriate label (neck, wrist, shoulder, hip, and so on). There is no confusion of multiple parameter controls, just select the body part that needs treatment and the machine is ready to go.
  • The flexibility of power source makes this unit portable while running on the nine volt battery, and also provides the option of plugging into a wall outlet when one is available, so the battery won’t be run down.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the InTENSity 10

The ten pre-set selections for body part cover all the areas that are usual recipients of TENS treatment, although of course there are more than ten areas of the body.

 Someone wanting to treat an area that is not listed among the ten pre-set selections may be initially frustrated, but it is a simple matter to ascertain which setting is most likely to be useful for the targeted area, and the user can select that setting and go to work treating the area in need of relief.


The InTENSity 10 provides therapeutic transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) with specific settings targeted to various parts of the body. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Tens Unit for you.