Jstim Joint System Knee Product Review

jstim-jointThe Jstim Joint System Knee provides transcutaneal electrical stimulation (TENS) through a specially designed conductive fabric knee cuff, for treatment of arthritis of the knees. The system can be used overnight while the patient sleeps, with the cumulative effect becoming increasingly apparent over the course of several months of treatment.

Jstim Joint System Knee Product Features



This therapy unit includes the following features:

  • In addition to the TENS unit itself, this purchase includes the conductive knee wrap, a heat unit that delivers far infrared therapy, a heat band for infrared delivery, two electrodes that are three inches by five inches, two lead wire patient cables, a rechargeable battery in slim Lithium ion configuration, an AC adapter for use with a wall outlet, a conductive spray to enhance delivery of electrotherapy through the skin, and a custom carrying case designed to hold all of these items.
  • The machine operates in two modes: day time (DT) mode for immediate pain relief, and night time (NT) mode for long term therapeutic results. The device stays on the default setting of NT mode, and has to be overridden for use in the pain relief DT mode.
  • The manufacturer provides a full mechanical warranty for three years, and sixty day warranty on non-mechanical elements.

What Buyers Like About the Jstim Joint System Knee

Users particularly enjoy these features when they operate the unit:

  • Because this electrical therapy unit can be used while the patient sleeps, it can provide significant therapeutic benefits without any disruption to the routines or activities of the waking day.
  • The customized knee wrap is comfortable to wear, and does not interfere with sleep or relaxation.
  • This system was designed originally for athletes—specifically aging athletes—who need a long term therapy approach to handle their arthritis.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Jstim Joint System Knee

Given how effective this electrotherapy proves itself to be against incursions of age and arthritis, patients express only one regret: namely, that the unit only addresses the pain in their knees. As one patient put it, the only improvement that could be made to this unit would be if it could address her other arthritic areas as well.

To be fully effective, the machine needs to be used for at least seven hours a night. For people who don’t usually spend that long sleeping, some adjustments will need to be made to the schedule to accommodate the length of treatment time. However, most people find it is not too difficult to figure out, especially given that the user doesn’t actually have to be asleep while the machine works; sleeping hours are just the most convenient, and therefore the recommended, time for getting the therapy hours in.


The Jstim Joint System Knee creates a specialized treatment environment for arthritic knees, combining compression wrap with electrotherapy stimulation. A person suffering from severe arthritis in the knees can enjoy relief from the pain and stiffness without having to resort to surgical knee replacement, steroid shots, or narcotic prescriptions.  Please use our live chat to Buy Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Ultrasound unit  for you.;