Buy Kinesio Tape and Kinesiology Taping Supplies

kinesiology-taping-suppliesTechnology for wrapping injuries has advanced in recent years, and the toolkit of any athletic trainer or athlete should include kinesiology taping supplies. Backed by more than three decades of development and research, not to mention clinical and field use, this high tech athletic tape is comfortable as well as medically effective.

Kinesio Tape Product Features

You can purchase affordable Kinesio tape and enjoy these features:

  • Specially designed kinesiology taping supplies are manufactured from hypoallergenic fabric made entirely of cotton. Aglue with an acrylic base allows the tape to adhere to the skin or to itself.
  • Depending on the user’s needs, the tape is available in different widths and different dispensers, including single box style dispensers and bulk rolls.
  • Kinesio tape is manufactured in several different shapes, allowing for strategic shaping of  any area of the body. Available shapes include the “I” tape strip, the “Y” tape strip, the “X” tape strip, and the “fan” tape strip. Singly or in combination with one another, these strips provide the athlete or athletic trainer with all the taping options that could be called for.
  • The tape strips are two inches in width, providing the right size of taping support for patients or athletes of any size.

What Buyers Like About the Kinesiology Taping Supplies

Kinesiology tape is particularly useful for taping injuries due to these features:

  • The acrylic based glue provides the perfect balance of adhesive properties to keep the tape in place during use, while also being removable without causing damage to the skin, or even pulling body hair. There is no tape on the market that is more comfortable to use.
  • The elasticized fabric of this tape is precisely designed to enable movement while still providing support. Users enjoy full movement and full support at the same time.
  •  The tape is available in an array of colors, including blue, pink, black, lime green, and beige or flesh tone. If you are going to tape your injuries, you might as well make a fashion statement of it! Match an athletic uniform or simply make a fashion statement while addressing your taping needs.
  • Use of this tape not only provides the support your muscles and joints need, but also promotes circulation to reduce swelling and boost the speed of healing. Proper taping techniques can assist in the process of re-educating the neurological and muscular systems after an injury or a surgery.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Kinesiology Taping Products

Some skeptics initially doubt the effectiveness of Kinesio tape, but a single trial run quickly dispels any doubts. The tape’s comfortable support is unbeatable. The most effective taping can take some practice, but with a small amount of training or guidance, this tape can be used with maximum effectiveness.


Any athlete who is using tape or elastic wraps will benefit from the technology of Kinesio tape. Likewise, the high tech tape can enhance healing for patients after undergoing surgery or sustaining muscular injuries. This tape technology is both affordable and highly effective. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Kinesiology Taping Supplies for you.