Air Light Ankle Regular Product Review

air-light-ankleThe Air Light Ankle Regular, manufactured by Core, lives up to its name with air cushioning on either side of the stabilized ankle.

Air Light Ankle Regular Product Features




This orthopedic support device includes the following features:

  • The brace is constructed of two contoured rigid shells, placed on either side of the ankle with a connecting segment beneath the heel. Cushioned air filled bladders, which can be adjusted by adding or removing air, pad the ankle itself between the outer shells, and a pair of wide Velcro straps hold the sides in place.
  • The filler on this brace is perforated tricot, brushed and filled to medical grade standards, allowing airflow around the ankle and cushioning ankle bones and injured tissues alike.

What Buyers Like About the Air Light Ankle Regular

Buyers enjoy these features of the orthopedic support:

  • For a person recovering from surgery or injury, this brace provides some of the most substantial support available among orthopedic devices. It prevents inversion, prevents the foot and ankle from rolling and twisting, and can be used during high impact athletic endeavors.
  • The air cushioning on the sides of the ankle helps to prevent edema and swelling around the injured ankle.
  • When worn with absorbent athletic socks, this brace and its padded sides are very comfortable for the user.
  • With its quick pair of Velcro straps, this brace is easy to don in just a matter of seconds. The wearer simply places the heel of the foot on top of the center connecting piece, lifts the two sides so they encase the ankle, and fastens the two straps so the brace holds the ankle in snug and supported comfort.
  • This Air Light Ankle brace can be worn all day, or simply put on for occasions that might cause undue stress on a recovering ankle.
  • The support system provides far more stability than a simple wrapping job or even a fabric brace, and at the same time is less cumbersome than a full walking cast. It can be used during a phase of recovery when a patient needs maximum support for the ankle, and can be replaced later by a less robust and slimmer model of support.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Air Light Ankle Regular

Because of the air cushions on the sides of this brace, this support system is somewhat bulkier than the fabric only designs of some other models. It is clearly visible on the wearer, which is usually not a problem, but may be an impediment for anyone who wishes to be discreet about an injury or weakness. It also may be slightly more difficult to fit inside an athletic shoe, compared to slimmer braces, and might distort the sides of the shoe slightly to the sides. It does not, however, wreak any permanent damage on the shoes, and provides a top level of support during athletic endeavors.


The Air Light Ankle Regular, manufactured by Core, is one of the most protective ankle braces available, and offered at a very low price. Please use our live chat to buy Med Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Orthopedic Support for you.