Pneumatic Cervical Collars and Pneumatic Cervical Traction Units

Cervical collarsOn Discount Medical Supplies we carry a full array of Pneumatic Cervical collars and Pneumatic Cervical traction units designed for all types of conditions and patients.  Now a days the style of living can be very busy and stressful which contributes to more headaches, shoulder and neck pain, upper limb problems caused by poor posture, physical stress, computer work, driving long distances, sitting for long periods of time, poor sleeping habits, and emotional stress.

These collars are ergonomically designed to relieve pain from tight neck muscles to relax, helps decompress spinal discs, joint pressure,  and provide relief from headaches and migraines.  Place the pneumatic cervical collar around the neck and then simply pump up the inflation tube.  This will cause a gentle stretch on the neck which will help allevate the cervical symptoms being experienced.  These types of pneumatic cervical collars and cervical traction units help best with tight cervical muscles, pinched nerves, cervical and neck pain, tension and migraine headaches, swollen discs, osteoarthritis, help in straightening of the neck, and for some degenerative disc or joint disease.

Benefits of Pneumatic Cervical collars and Pneumatic Cervical traction units Includes:

  • Anatomically corrects traction safely
  • Comfortably supports head and neck
  • Exerts force evenly and gently
  • Supports normal curvature of cervical spine
  • Gentle traction release
  • Easy-to-use and convenient for the elderly
  • Light and portable for traveling

Who can benefit from Pneumatic Cervical collars and Pneumatic Cervical traction units ?

  • People who have stiff and sore neck muscle
  • People who spend prolonged periods of time on the computer
  • Office workers with poor posture
  • People suffering from pressure build up in the neck & shoulders
  • People with muscle spasms in neck or shoulders
  • People with Degenerative Arthritis

Besides having these on hand in your practice or at home they are reimbursable by most major insurance carriers. The billing HCPCS Code for these pneumatic cervical collars and cervical traction units range from  E0856, E0855 and E0849 depending on the collar you choose.  In order to bill for these or submit a claim you must either provide a patient with a full exam or make sure you as a patient has a copy of your examination that was performed by your doctor.  Please note as well that you will need a completed Letter of medical neccessity to go along with your exam.

These pneumatic cervical collars and cervical traction units found on sell from as low as  $29.99 to $149.00 and come in many different shapes and sizes. This DME product in your office or for home use is just another tool in providing the best patient care possible.  By the way, I would always make sure to pre-verify the cervical collar before you disperse it to the patient or take it home just in case it is not covered by the insurance carrier.