IF 4K Product Review

if-4kThe IF 4K is a flip top machine that fits in the palm of the hand but provides a multiplicity of treatment options.

IF 4K Product Features



This unit includes the following features:

  • Designed like a flip phone, this unit has a top that flips open to reveal control buttons in the bottom and a display screen inside the top.
  • Preset with six different treatment modes, this unit makes it easy to apply treatment in any setting.
  • Purchase of the machine includes not only the interferential stimulator, but an AC power plug in adapter, two hour batteries, and the leads and electrodes for patient application.
  • The built in compliance meter records the treatment times and countdowns, enabling a therapist to monitor each patient’s use of the machine during the course of a day or week.
  • The interferential electrical stimulation is delivered in the wave form of sine waves, providing balanced forms and more effective relief from pain.
  • The IF 4K unit controls, located beneath the flip top, are straightforward and easy to understand and operate, based on a simple plus and minus to move through the preset adjustments on the machine. The digital display is likewise simple to interpret as well as easy to see.
  • With a similar size and design to cell phones, this unit easily slips into a pocket when it is not in use, and feels familiar even to patients who are not accustomed to IF units.

What Buyers Like About The IF 4K

Buyers of this machine enjoy these features:

  • The battery lasts a full two hours of use without need for recharging, so a patient can keep this machine in a pocket and apply the IF therapy as needed or prescribed throughout the course of a day, even if there doesn’t happen to be an outlet handy. Compare this long lasting battery to the standard twenty minute duration of most comparable machines, and this one beats the competition.
  • Users enjoy the privacy afforded by the shielded flip top and the unit’s small size. The machine can be used discreetly without interrupting a person’s regular daily activities.
  • The treatment IF 4K can be used to assist a patient’s recovery from a surgical operation or an injury, offering relief from pain as well as assistance with healing.
  • Because the common necessary treatment modes are ready to go as preset modes, the machine does not require extensive training for operation. Patients can easily use it on themselves when they are away from a clinic or therapist.

What Buyers Don’t Like About The IF 4K

This unit is not designed so much for a clinical setting as for personal use on the go. This makes it an ideal unit to give to patients for use during the day, as a supplement to treatments in the clinic, or as follow up after a course of clinical treatment.


The IF 4K is an ideal personal unit for providing ‘on the go’ interferential therapeutical stimulation to nerves and muscles. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right electrical physiotherapy  for you.