Randy Travis Still Critical While Country Family Prays For Him

We have been following up on Randy Travis' health condition for the past few days.  The country music icon has been getting outpouring support from fellow country singers and from fans all over the world after he was hospitalized in a Texas health care center due to Viral Cardiomyopathy.

A few weeks ago, no one would have ever imagined that Randy would be going through this, as he seemed to be in "good health".  Unfortunately, the unexpected happened and a viral infection sent him straight to the operating room.  It is believed that this lead to congestive heart failure however, according to doctors, he showed a satisfactory improvement after suffering a stroke on Wednesday.

Wednesday night, at around 9:30 PM ET Randy Travis was rushed into the emergency room, as doctors had to release some of the pressure his brain was going through due to the stroke.  The media reported he was out of surgery after midnight and until today he still in critical condition surrounded by the best doctors and medical supplies in the ICU.

The hashtag #PrayforRandy has been trending for a couple of days now on social media outlets and country stars and country music lovers have united to wish Randy a quick recovery.  Most of the get-well wishes and prayers recorded on social media are coming from Nashville, the crib of country music.

“We’re all pulling for you Randy,” singer Brad Paisley tweeted when he learned about the news that Randy had been admitted into surgery and was not doing so well.

Dozens of famous country music stars have said to be praying for Randy.  “I know a lot of you are praying people and Randy Travis sure could use them right now,” Charlie Daniels tweeted to his large base of followers.

Travis' friends and family have not left his side every since he was hospitalized and are following up on his improvement day by day. They expressed their gratitude towards all those how have shown support and concern for him. We at Discount Medical Supplies also would like to wish Randy a quick recovery and his family the best to be able to deal with such difficult time.