Smart Phone Apps will never replace your physician! Ever!

The word "smart" when talking about Smart Phones tends to get highly overrated.  Nowadays, it is extremely easy to monitor fitness goals to calories and more using smart phone health apps.  So yes, it is true that technology has been making our lives easier repeatedly, however, there will never be enough apps that will replace the importance of the interaction with your doctor.

When you visit your doctor, there are two very important factors happening. There's a technical component where the doctor takes the time to gather the information on your symptoms and signs that he will use to diagnose your condition and provide treatment.  The other important factor is the emotional factor.  It involves the doctor's interaction and how he can demonstrate through body language that he is interest in what you have to say.

A good way to use technology is by emailing your doctor when you have to follow-up and ask about when and how to take a medication.  Another great example where technology serves great purpose is when you get medical exam results and depending on the type of exam, you can always email them to your doctor.  There is no reason why you would have to spend hours in your doctor's waiting room that might even be full of sick people with contagious viruses, when you can use technology to keep in contact with him over things like these.  However many health apps out there are not recommended and have not even been approved by the FDA

A health app will not give you the emotional component you need for example if you need to analyze or discuss test results that reflect a life-changing or critical disease.  That is something that must be done facing your doctor as he will be the only one to understand what exactly you are or will be going through.

Apple has already been taking out many of the medical apps that it had available however there are still hundreds of them out there and although the FDA has started regulating them they are still trying to catch up to technology as many of these are still being created on a daily basis.

Now, if you really want to download an app for medical purposes, you can, but make sure you always talk to your doctor before downloading the app and ask him how close these apps get to the real facts. You will be surprised, or maybe not, as to how many times they will say "NO".

So having said all this, please read the following examples of apps types you should never trust and not even bother downloading:

1. Apps that make you believe the light on your phone has healing powers

Trust us when we tell you that the light on your phone does not have medical healing properties. There is no way you will be able to treat your acne with your iPhone's glow, you can be sure of that.

2. Apps that turn your phone into a Spot-Checker

Nothing will ever beat the trained human eye to spot melanoma moles.  Moreover, as we said at the beginning, Smart Phones are not THAT smart. 

3. Apps that make your phone emit funky "healing" sounds

Although we all wished for something like this to be real, just as your phone's light is just a light, sounds are just sounds and they will not cure your headaches.

4. Apps that will calculate your Insulin Dose

Medication dosage can ONLY be given by your doctor. That is something you do not want play around with or leave it to your Smart Phone, that is not THAT Smart, to tell you how much medication you need to have.

5. Apps that claim to turn your phone into a Treatment Tester

Red flag!  Straight up!  There is no app that will treat a condition of any kind.  Never! 

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