Tens Unit Intensity Digital 10

Intensity digital 10The Intensity digital 10 Tens unit is the latest addition into the InTENSity™ premium digital device family.  The intensity 10 digital unit contains 10 pre-set selections which gives you the option to choose by body part, which helps remove all of the guesswork in achieveing the proper settings.  With the ease of pressing  2 buttons, the intensity 10 digital tens unit is ready to operate effectively simply choose the exact body area that you wish to treat, adjust the intensity, and begin your therapy.

The intensity 10 digital tens unit features:

  • Dual, independent channels.
  • Free AC Adapter
  • Adjustable Timer on Standard and Digital units.
  • Adjustable Frequency and Pulse Duration parameters.
  • Digital unit features five modes: Burst, Normal, Modulated Rate and Width, Strength Duration and Bi-Pulse.
  • Digital unit has easy-to-read LCD display
  • 1 9v Battery

The Intensity digital 10 Tens unit was designed very light, thin and  portable in order for you to maximize  your treatments at home or on the road.

The Intensity 10 Digital Tens unit found on Discount Medical Supplies is one of the  easiest and most effective digital tens units found in  the marketplace today!

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