Top 5 TENS Units at Discount Medical Supplies

Nowadays it is getting more common to treat pain with the excellence of electrotherapy.  As a non-invasive and drug free way to take away the pain and to stimulate the muscles, more people are resorting to these types of devices.  Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) allows pain signals to be blocked and avoids them reaching the brain. The devices used for muscle stimulation are called EMS units (Electronic Muscle Stimulation Units).  Here are a list of the top 5 bestselling TENS units at Discount Medical Supplies found at the most affordable price in the market. 
TENS 3000
With a built in microprocessor this analog system is able to deliver an exact dial performance as a digital unit.  With this microprocessor the TENS 3000 is able, through an accurate timer, to act upon the skin with the best and most precise therapy.  Indeed, it is accurate as a digital unit however, it is simple enough to use as an analog unit.  Another great feature is the Safety Amplitude Cap that protects the user from bump and knob movements that may happen by accident. 
TENS 7000
This is the most powerful device available at Discount Medical Supplies.  The TENS 7000 comes complete with its own carrying case, battery, lead wires and 1 pack of electrodes. It features dual channels so the user can attach two or four electrodes.  This sturdy unit is loved by the public because it is easy to use even if it comes digital.  The modes are easy to change along with other settings to get the exact optimized therapy for a maximum pain relief that will last for hours.  The intensity can be compared to that of a professional unit. 


Ultima 3T (with timer)
Another bestselling product and a very popular one as well is the Ultima 3T with timer.  This tiny device can fit easily in your pocket.  Its size makes it completely portable for the user to take it anywhere.  It provides a drug free therapy that will relieve acute and continuous pain. Electrical impulses are sent through the skin and also into the nerves to minimize and block the pain signals before they reach the brain. As a dual channel device, it lets the patient apply it on two different locations of the body or simply cover a wider area. 
InTENSity™ Twin Stim® III
The InTENSity Twin Stim III is a device that brings both TENS and EMS electrotherapy technology in one single device.  This is a popular device that clients have truly enjoyed for the wonderful properties and features it brings.  It has 4 modes on TENS and 3 modes on EMS.  Among the 105mA class TENS units, this device is indeed the best one.  Just like the tens 3000 and the other devices mentioned above, the Twin Stim III stimulates the nerves when used in TENS mode and provides pain relief with no necessity of drugs or invasive surgery. 
Finally yet importantly, the TENS AA is a truly unique TENS unit that gets its power supply from AA batteries. It has a beautifully large LCD Screen that displays the progress of the therapy. It is very easy to use and brings a variety of programs for the user to choose from.