Tens Units a Pain Interruption Solution

tens-unit-painPain comes from electrochemical impulses relaying the pain message.  It is not normal for a person to tolerate body pains, even those with high pain tolerance. As far as possible, we look for something to relieve our pain, if not pain killers such as ibuprofen and others, we apply mentholated oils and ointments. Also body massage, reflexology, acupuncture are also few of the physical treatments we use to relieve the discomfort we experience.

There are two types of nerve fibers that come into play: large nerve fibers, and small nerve fibers. Pain signals move along small nerve fibers. The large nerve fibers are also knows as the nociceptive fibers because they do not cause pain. A TENS unit interrupts this pathway. T.E.N.S stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is often used to treat low back pain and neck pain. Tens units use a low voltage electrical current to induce pain relief.

For example, if you are having pain in your neck, specifically in the trapezius muscle- you would place the electrode on the trapezius muscle. The electrodes are hooked up the power unit which is about the size of a pocket radio.

Tens units have high and low frequency currents. The Tens unit with high frequency current blocks the pain and the low current frequency  helps stimulate the nerve that triggers the body’s natural pain killers and releases endorphins.. The low frequency is able to help more with muscle spasm.


You can use Tens units at home by the patient directly and they have the slightest side effects. If you wear a pacemaker please check with your Doctor before using a Tens Unit as it may interfere with the pacemakers function.

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