Ultima Neuro Product Review

ultimate-neuroThe Ultimate Neuro with Lithium ion rechargeable battery is a stylish looking TENS unit provides relief from Peripheral Neuropathy, especially of the feet and hands. This health problem includes a variety of conditions that result from damage to the nerves leading to peripheral, or outer, portions of the body.

Nerve damage causes disruptions in the signals between the brain and the affected areas of the body, resulting in impaired movement of the muscles, as well as tingling sensations and pain in the peripheral body parts. Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by decreased circulation associated with Diabetes, from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or from other causes.

Ultimate Neuro Product Features



This therapy unit includes the following features:

  • This Ultimate Neuro Unit is specifically calibrated to the precise parameters of pulses that provide relief from peripheral neuropathy pain and symptoms.
  • The electrical pulses are delivered through wraps (or conductive socks or gloves) that cover the affected area while delivering electrotherapy.
  • The main settings, Neuro A and Neuro B specifically target the nerve pain of neuropathy, but the unit also provides several sub-modes that deliver more generalized electrotherapy stimulation, and can be used to treat other conditions.

What Buyers Like About the Ultimate Neuro

Users particularly enjoy these features when they operate the unit:

  • One of the unique attributes of this unit is its stylish appearance—an ice blue color with gray trim. It looks more like an MP3 player than a medical device. For a person who needs to use the unit throughout the day but doesn’t wish to advertise their medical condition, this TENS unit could pass without raising speculation or causing comment
  • Users appreciate the fact that this system can relief pain and symptoms of neuropathy without invasive procedure or use of addictive narcotic pain prescriptions.
  • The system is entirely comfortable to use, either with soft fabric electrodes or with conductive silver fiber gloves or socks.
  • A large digital screen enables the user to navigate easily through the settings, with the help of soft-touch buttons on the front of the unit.
  • A slim Lithium ion battery runs the unit.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Ultimate Neuro

One of the most effective uses of this machine for treatment of neuropathy is combining the TENS unit with the conductive gloves or socks. These are comfortable to wear and extremely effective, but they are not easy to wash.

 The gloves may not be conducive to work requiring fine motor control, so the user may have to choose treatment times when they don’t need to be using their fingers for fine work. The socks can be worn at any time, but anyone who is prone to sweaty feet will want to switch for regular socks as soon as treatment is finished.


This unit is specially designed to treat Peripheral Neuropathy with precise electrical pulses modulated by auto feedback. Its stylish look and portable size enable a patient to use it during the course of a regular day to provide relief from symptoms. Please use our live chat to Buy Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Tens unit  for you.