Using A Rollator Walker

rollator-walkerRollator's are designed to help people who are in need of support when they walk. They are not typically used by people that are handicapped enough to require a wheelchair. However, Rollators would be used  for those indiviuals who tend to get back pain from standing for any period of time or have certain medical conditions that cause them to be unsteady on their feet. Rollators are great for indoors as well as outdoors, to assist when preparing meals, doing household chores or for assistance in moving things from one room to another.

On Discount Medical Supplies you can choose from a great selection of makes, models, prices, and options to pick the best Rollator for your needs.  They come in many colors and heights as well.  Most of the models open and close the same way.  The best part is that they fold easily and can be stored anywhere  as well as your car.

Here are some basic instructions to help you use your Rollator.  Use your Rollator as you do a shopping cart.  Just push it, and when you get tired rest by sitting down. When you bring your Rollator in a car just slide it out of the car.  Then pull on the arms of the Rollator to unfold it.  Then lift up the seat and put the basket below it.  Once the seat goes down the basket and all of your contents you choose to put in it are hidden from others to see.  Always remember to put put all your belongings first in the basket before standing up and walking away.


When you get tired you can always sit on the Rollator to rest. When standing, make sure you face the handles, grasp it tight and squeeze the hand brake until you hear it click. Once you hear this noise you know that the wheels are locked and it's ok to sit. The Rollator will remain locked untill you release the brake. This can be done by unlocking the brake by again tightly squeezing the handle brake on each side until you again hear the click. This will unlock the brake and let the Rollator be able to be used again for walking.

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