VertaLoc Lift LSO Back Brace Product Review

Back braceAny person who needs support of the Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (or LSO) area of the back, the VertaLoc Lift LSO Back Brace provides the support needed to stay active with comfort. The brace works in a variety of situations, including for people with herniated vertebral discs, spondylisthesis, and even arthritis.

VertaLoc Lift Back Brace Product Features

The features of this back brace include the following:

  • The VertaLoc Back brace features a plate for abdominal support, which in turn relieves pain in the lower back area. The abdominal plate is removable and entirely optional, easy to remove when it is not needed, and easy to replace when its additional support is useful.
  • The brace is fully washable by hand, with a long lasting warranty by the manufacturer.
  • The brace is useful for people with a variety of underlying conditions, ranging from recurring muscle pain to more serious events like recovery from surgery.
  • The brace is available in nine sizes. It is designed to be effective for users of either sex, provided the user in question selects the appropriate size. Contact the manufacturer or a service representative to identify the specifications of each size range and match appropriately to the user in question.

What Buyers Like About the VertaLoc Lift LSO Back Brace

Buyers love a number of features of this product:

  • The washable nature of the back brace eliminates one of the primary drawbacks of many support devices when they need to be used over a long period of time, specifically, the odor they tend to accumulate after long hours of close contact with the body. The brace may accelerate perspiration in the area it covers, and the washable feature enables the user to keep it clean and odor free.
  • The soft cloth components of the brace make for maximum comfort, providing the lowest possible feeling of constriction, and allowing for the most movement of any model on the market. For users who don’t wish to feel constrained, this model of back brace enables movement within a safe range, while providing all the necessary support to assist with the user’s physical weaknesses.
  • The brace can be easily hidden if a wearer chooses not to leave it visible. It fits in streamlined form beneath clothing, or can be worn on top of a shirt, as the wearer chooses.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the VertaLoc Lift Back Brace

It is natural that not every user will be wild about the slightly constricted feeling of wearing a back brace. For those for whom it is a necessity, however, this is hands down the most comfortable model on the market, simultaneously providing a top notch level of lumbar sacral support to the lower back area.


With cloth parts and flexible plastic components, this VertaLoc Lift LSO Back Brace provides the perfect combination of comfort and support, making it the ‘go-to’ product for anyone who needs lumbar sacral support. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Back brace for you.