Farewell ‘Alice’: Brady Bunch’s Ann B. Davis dead at 88

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Emmy-Award winning actress Ann B. Davis died this past Sunday at a Hospital at San Antonio. Davis will be always remembered by all as the most lovable and devoted housekeeper in the role of Alice in the Brady Bunch. Ann was 88 years old.

According to medical examiner’s investigator Sarah Horne, Davis passed away this past Sunday morning at a local hospital, due to injuries to the head after a fall on the bathroom that morning. She as rushed to the emergency room, but she was not able to regain her consciousness. An autopsy is scheduled for today (Monday, June 2nd) to help determine the cause of death.

According to close friends of Davis, despite being 88, she was a very healthy and vivacious woman. Her death comes as a shock to her loved ones as she was a person described as full of life. Unfortunate accidents such as Davis’ (and most recently visual artist H.R. Giger) are common among seniors and can result in tragedy. That is why safety precautions (non-slip shower mats and grab bars) in the bathroom are imperative for all senior homes.

Davis got her start in television nearly a decade prior to becoming the housekeeper in the Brady residence. Ann portrayed quick witted and razor sharp secretary on the sitcom “The Bob Cummings Show”, the role earned her two Emmy awards. After her appearance on that show, Davis appeared on Broadway and other TV shows, but on 1969 she landed her most important and remembered role as the lovable and loyal housekeeper named “Alice Nelson”.

The Brady Bunch was a show that portrayed family life in America and it became one of the most important TV shows of the 1970s. The premise was of the union of a widow (played by Florence Henderson) with three daughters, marrying a widower (Robert Reed) raising three boys. Each week America tuned in to watch the daily shenanigans the Brady family would get into each week, with Alice always there in the downtown square in the opening credits, more symbolic than not as the heart and additional family member of the Brady household.

Born as Ann Bradford Davis in 1926 in New York, she gre up on Erie, PA. She fell in love with performing at a very young age when she and her twin sister won $2 with a puppet show they used to put up. After graduating college with a degree in Theatre she returned to Erie to join a repertory theatre, later on she would find her way to Los Angeles getting her break as a cabaret act singing and telling jokes.

Davis never married and close sources said that to the very last days of her life she remained an always cheerful and happy person. 




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