Condoms better than antibiotics for dealing with gonorrhea?

Medical supplies online for sexual health such as condoms could be more effective tool to fight gonorrhea, according to a CDC study. The latest Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report warns that the bacterium that causes the sexually transmitted disease – known by its scientific name as Neisseria gonorrhoeae, may be developing resistance to the last-line antibiotics used to treat it. The health agency’s current go-to treatment for gonorrhea is a double shot of azithromycin and ceftriaxone. Like Merle Travis’s fists, if one don't a-get gonorrhea, the other one will. Unfortunately, the bacterium is familiar with the work of Charles Darwin, and as such, it is constantly mutating, evolving, and generally stayin' alive (stayin' alive).

The paper recommends – verbatim – that “sexually active persons can be encouraged to use condoms consistently and correctly to prevent transmission of gonorrhea.” Stress on the notion of using these medical supplies online “consistently and correctly.” In addition to bacteria developing resistance, inconsistent and incorrect use of antibiotics has contributed to the emergence of ‘superbugs.’ For instance, using antibiotics to treat viruses such as the flu not only is like shooting bullets at Neo, but it actually makes the work of bacteria easier.

The United States has yet to encounter cases of untreatable gonorrhea, but that’s no reason not to prepare for that eventuality. Like, just because there isn’t a widespread epidemic of the Zika virus, would Congress go on vacation without leaving a budget in place to face that possibility? Oh, wait. Nevertheless, “our ability to cure people of gonorrhea is going to fade unless we take steps now address growing antibiotic resistance,” medical epidemiologist in the CDC’s STD prevention division Dr. Robert Kirkcaldy told the Huffington Post. “History has taught us that this bacteria (sic) has the ability to develop resistance to antibiotics, and sometimes it can do it quite quickly.”

More than 350,000 cases of gonorrhea were reported in 2014, making it the second most commonly reported notifiable disease in the United States. Complications of this STD in women include tubal infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and chronic pelvic pain. According to the CDC study, “transmission to sexual partners relies largely on prompt detection and effective antimicrobial treatment.” That means that medical supplies online such as condoms – available at Discount Medical Supplies – can help prevent people from transmitting the disease as well as from contracting it in the first place.

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