How Much is a Doctor’s Pain Management and Rehabilitation Salary?

Those health care professionals who dabble in pain management and rehabilitation do so in exchange for a salary. That in itself is not surprising at all; every expert expects to and should be paid for services rendered. And as a patient, you are no doubt willing to reward he who has provided you with relief for acute and/or chronic pain. Perhaps, though, when you reach into your wallet you may feel that you chose the wrong profession. Otherwise, not only would you be making your doctor’s salary, but would also be able to take care of your ailments; ‘physician, heal thyself,’ as the proverb goes.
Even last year (2012), a doctor’s pain management and rehabilitation salary was reported to be $340,506 on average; ranging from $273,297 to $398,304. These are not whimsical numbers, though. When you visit a doctor to alleviate your pain, the bill will take into account the time, effort and money that went into that physician’s education. While it may be too late for you, you might still be able to instill in your children the desire to heal their fellow humans and become a part of the booming industry of pain management and rehabilitation. 

Is there a way to circumvent paying so high a price (in terms of money) for the treatment of pain associated to arthritis, injured muscles, back and neck pain, etc.? We would never recommend readers to do without a doctor, and that goes for any and all conditions that they may suffer. However, there is a way to deal with pain that may prove a better investment in the sense that you may not have to see your physician as often. Next time you do see your doctor, ask him whether you could have him prescribe you a transcutaneal electrical nerve stimulation devices, such as the TENS 3000 or 7000 units, or the Intensity 10 or 5000 Hybrid.
These portable devices can be used to relieve pain anywhere at any time, but especially in the comfort of your home. If you do decide to spend some of the money that pays your doctor’s salary on one of these products, be sure to still pay for your physician’s advice, which continues to be valuable when it comes to the application of TENS technology. Another advantage of this type of therapy is that it enables you to find relief whenever you need it, without having to go to a second location.