CDC and AMA launch diabetes prevention toolkit for doctors

CDCThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Medical Association have come up with an all-new prediabetes detection toolkit for doctors and care teams. The Prevent Diabetes STAT Toolkit highlights the required measures to test patients for prediabetes – an estimated 90% of people who have this condition are not aware of it – and enable doctors to partner with local prevention programs, as well as online programs. Physicians will find within the toolkit – which has been designed to help implement prediabetes detection seamlessly into routine patient workflows – fact sheets, questionnaires, posters, handouts, letter/e-mail templates, maps, infographics, and more, as outline below.

Toolkit contents

Engaging healthcare teams

·         You can prevent type 2 diabetes

A fact sheet that provides a glimpse into the evidence-based diabetes prevention program, and helps clinicians advocate the importance of incorporating diabetes prevention screening and referral to their colleagues.

·         The evidence behind the diabetes prevention program

A fact sheet that offers brief overviews of studies conducted over the past 15 years.

Engaging patients

·         Diabetes risk assessment

A questionnaire that provides patients with the chance to learn more about the risk for prediabetes, as well as help care teams detect at-risk patients.

·         Promoting prediabetes awareness to patients

A poster that helps practices increase prediabetes awareness among patients and open up communication regarding screening, testing, and referral.

·         Are you at risk for type 2 diabetes?

A patient handout that can be used in waiting rooms.

·         So you have prediabetes … now what?

A patient handout for exam rooms in doctor practices for use after a prediabetes diagnosis.

·         Sample Patient letter/email and phone script

A letter/e-mail template that helps doctors conduct effective follow-up and referral.

Incorporate screening, testing and referral into your practice

·         M.A.P. to diabetes prevention for your practice

A roadmap to applying diabetes prevention identification elements and referral guide.

·         Patient flow process

An infographic that offers a top-level overview of how office staff can make point-of-care identification easier.

·         Point-of-care prediabetes identification algorithm

An infographic that provides practices with an alternative to adapt/ incorporate an identification and referral process into their EHR and generate a registry of at-risk patients.

·         Sample patient referral form/table for calculating body mass index

Facilitates the referral process for practices, helps engage patients, and prepares diabetes prevention program providers to engage with patients too.

·         Commonly used Current Procedural Terminology and ICD codes

Helps doctor practices acquire prediabetes screening reimbursement.

Additional resources

·         Link to sample business associate agreement

Helpful additional resources provided by the AMA.


This toolkit is a part of Prevent Diabetes STAT: Screen, Test, Act – Today™, a multi-year initiative from the CDC and AMA that makes many resources to help integrate diabetes prevention methods into doctor practices available. Its goal can be broken down in three different steps:

1.       Measure. Assess the patient’s risk for prediabetes with the toolkit’s point-of-care method, which recommends testing blood glucose levels. Doctors can also query electronic health records for patients with BMI greater than or equal to 24, and blood glucose levels in the prediabetes range with no prior diabetes diagnosis.

2.       Act. Once an at-risk patient has been identified, use patient-facing handouts or template language from the toolkit.

3.       Partner. Connect with diabetes prevention programs in the community to receive feedback on the patient’s participation.