Hand Tree Air Purifier a Futuristic Reality

As part of humanity is starting to understand how much wrong we have been doing to our mother earth little by little the need of a greener planet is stronger.  Nowadays there is more conscience on reducing wastes, reusing, and recycling.  Alexandr Kostin, is a russian student who is attempting to innovate this idea of a going green with a wonderful creation called the Hand Tree Personal Air Purifier. 

The Hand Tree Personal Air Purifier is a device that is worn on the writs like a watch. It has a carbon filter that will clean the air and make it odor and chemical compound free.  It will purify air that contains harmful gasses and tobacco smoke.

In time and unfortunately at an extremely rapid pace our beautiful world has become more polluted. The Electrolux Design Lab competition encourages design students to enter the race with their ideas and creations that will provide solutions such as the Hand Tree Personal Air Purifier to make the world a better place and save what's left of it for future generations.  The device has the ability to function as a personal air purifier that will clean the air that surrounds the user and the hopes are that it could be widely used around the planet.

You could say that this invention is like having a tree or a plant that attached to your body that will take the carbon dioxide around you and release oxygen.  Moreover, this anti-pollution wrist device takes away dust and gases that could result hazardous to your health. It can even be used as a fragrance release device. You will have the option of using it in personal mode so it can clean the air around you or if you want to share the benefits of this with people around you then you can use it in Global Mode.

Air purifiers have been around for a while.  There are great units out in the market that are widely used to clean out the air in bedrooms and offices. These types of devices can be found at great affordable prices in online stores like Discount Medical Supplies.  However, it is until now that an air purifier with the level of portability and functionality as the Hand Tree has been created.