The many benefits of hydro massages

hydromassageMore and more people worried about their health and the quality of their resting time. Many people have opted to install a tub in their homes, and not for luxury, but to take care of their bodies. Hydro massage is currently enjoying a lot of popularity when it comes to people who actively seek, alternative ways to deal with stress, muscle pain and other ailments. It’s like having the benefits of a spa at their own homes. Having a Hot tub or a Jacuzzi might be considered as luxury, but one that really impacts the quality of life for the better.

The health benefits of hydrotherapy are scientifically tested and used since Ancient times:

Anti-stress. A soothing and relaxing immersion shelters you from stress and its effects (the heart is working hard, breathing is more rapid and digestion slows down). Hot water and massages, soothes the anxiety and relaxes tight muscles. It also helps to treat high blood pressure.

Better sleep. Using hydrotherapy can keep insomnia away. It can help for the natural body temperature to lower, enabling you to have a deep and relaxing sleep. It is a natural remedy that has proven to be quite effective.

Relieves pains and headaches. Relieves pain and fatigue that come as a result from exercise. Stimulates the production of endorphins, which have effect goals. It also speeds up the process of elimination of toxins from the body. It helps calm and sooth muscle pain and relieves stress-related headaches.

It helps relieve arthritis pains. Calm the discomfort through heat, massage and buoyancy with the advantage to doing it in your own home. It's like having a professional masseuse. Buoyancy in the water reduces body weight by 90 %.  Helps keep the joints moving and restores and preserves strength and flexibility. The fine weave of the collagen becomes more flexible and in this way the movements are more free and without pain.

Aesthetic benefits. Provides quality of life and promotes the circulation of the blood. It is a natural lymphatic drainage and helps to combat cellulite.

At the time of a tub it is advisable to take into account:


  • Dip your body everything it can and relax.
  • Adjust the intensity and the placement of the jets.
  • Limit the time spent in the bath.
  •  If you are very tired or under the effects of some medication avoid bathing as it can suffer a fainting.
  • During pregnancy do not activate the whirlpool jets.
  • Be careful with children and do not stop monitored when they are near or on the inside of the tub.
  • Do not activate the massage system until you have enough water.
  • Accompany your bath for a relaxing music makes it a dream that will allow you to forget all the problems


Please be advised that Hydrotherapy can be of great help of many different ailments, however. Please keep in mind that to get better results, you will need to complement this therapy with other methods.