EMS 1000 Product Review

ems-1000The EMS 1000 has been designed to stimulate muscles as a component of physical therapy after injury or surgery. Its flip open cover protects its controls, which provide a full range of adjustable treatment settings.

EMS 1000 Product Features


This unit includes the following features:

  • This machine operates on two isolated channels, each of which can be attached to electrical leads to provide electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to a different area of the body.
  • The wave form is fixed at a biphasic and asymmetric square electrical pulse.
  • The amplitude can be adjusted within a range from zero milliamps to eighty milliamps on each of the two channels, with the peak at five hundred ohms on each of the two channels.
  • The width of pulse is fixed at two hundred and fifty microseconds for each electrical pulse delivered.
  • The frequency can be adjusted within a range from two Hertz to one hundred and twenty hertz.
  • The EMS 1000 Unit can use three modes: alternation, constant, or synchronous, and the two channels can be set independently.
  • The unit runs on a single nine volt direct current battery.
  • Purchase of this unit includes a package of lead wires, three four packs of electrodes, a protective carrying case, an instruction manual, a clip for attaching the machine to a belt, and a set of batteries.
  • The machine has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in electronic stimulation of muscles for therapeutic uses.
  • The unit’s diminutive size measures at approximately three inches by one inch by just half an inch thick, and it weighs hardly anything even with the battery in place.
  • The manufacturer provides a full year’s warranty

What Buyers Like About The EMS 1000

Buyers of this machine enjoy these features:

  • The flip front of this machine protects the controls from being accidentally manipulated, making it easy to use the machine at the belt during the day’s activities.
  • With the included leads and electrodes, this machine can deliver EMS muscle stimulation to shoulders and arms, feet and ankles, knees and legs, neck and back, elbows, wrists, and hands. Wherever a patient is experiencing muscle pain, the electrical stimulation provided by this machine can help the muscles with gentle exercise that stretches and exercises them painlessly.
  • The analog dials of this unit are easy to use after sliding aside the front cover. It doesn’t take a health care professional to operate the machine, so it can be used between visits to a therapist.

What Buyers Don’t Like About The EMS 1000

This machine does not have an AC power source, so the user should take care to keep batteries on hand if it is being used for extended periods. The carrying case provides ample room for extra batteries for the user who wants to keep them close at hand.


The EMS 1000 is a perfect low profile and low cost machine to deliver electrical muscle stimulation to injured muscles in need of rehabilitative therapy. Please use our live chat at Wholesale Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Stimulation Unit for you.