US Pro 2000 Professional Series Product Review

us-pro-2000The US Pro 2000 Professional Series medical device works as a portable ultrasound delivery mechanism for therapeutic use in a clinical or home setting. Ultrasound therapy heats the soft tissues of the affected areas, and sonic soft tissue stimulation to relieve contractures of the joints, spasms of muscles, and musculoskeletal pain.

US Pro 2000 Professional Series Product Features



This therapy unit includes the following features:

What Buyers Like About the US Pro 2000 Professional Series

  • Users particularly enjoy these features when they operate the unit:
  • The wand like shape of this unit, along with the heating head positioned at an angle for ease of application, makes it easy to hold in hand and use the device to deliver therapeutic ultrasound.
  • The US Pro 2000 Professional unit can operate at three different modes, using the simple controls on the handle of the device.
  • The frequency at which this ultrasound works is one Megahertz, plus or minus ten Megahertz from the fixed value.
  • The maximum output of power is valued at ten Watts on a duty cycle of one hundred percent. On the low setting, the output is two point eight Watts; on the medium setting the output is three point eight Watts, and on the high setting the output is four point eight Watts (in each case plus or minus twenty percent from the fixed value).
  •  The user can modulate among three duty cycles, with the adjustable settings moving from low (thirty percent) to medium (forty percent) to high (at fifty percent).
  • The effective area of radiation during treatment is approximately two square inches of skin, and the soft tissues underneath.
  • The head of the ultrasound machine is constructed of aluminum.
  • The device delivers a collimated beam with a top intensity of effective sound at two point four watts per square half inch of skin, measured when the machine is at one hundred percent duty cycle.
  • The voltage at which this unit operates is fixed at fifteen volts of direct current.
  • The operation time can be adjusted in five minute increments, and the timer can be set to count from a set time.
  • Purchase of this unit includes the ultrasound device itself with attached AC cord, a carrying case that fits the device and its accessories, an instruction manual for the operator, and a tube of ultrasound gel for use with the machine.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the US Pro 2000 Professional Series

The AC cord that provides power for this device is attached permanently to the ultrasound wand, so this machine must be used while plugged into a wall outlet. For those who would prefer battery power for portability, this might place a constraint on the times and places where this machine can be used. However, for most home use and clinical use, an outlet is already going to be nearby, and if it is not close enough, an extension cord will quickly solve the problem.


The US Pro 2000 Professional Series offers professional grade ultrasound stimulation at a very reasonable price for either home or clinical therapeutic use.  Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Tens Unit for you.