RS 2500 Russian Stim Product Review

2500-russianThe RS 2500 Russian Stimulator delivers a form of electrical stimulation similar to EMS pulses, but at a different frequency for deep tissue stimulation.

RS 2500 Russian Stim Product Features




This unit includes the following features:

  • This machine uses two isolated and alternating channels, each of which can be attached to electrical leads to provide electrical muscle stimulation at a high frequency to injured muscles.
  • The wave form is fixed at a biphasic and asymmetric square electrical pulse.
  • The frequency of the carrier is fixed at a high two thousand five hundred Hertz to reach deep muscle tisues.
  • The amplitude can be adjusted within a range from zero milliamps to eighty milliamps on each of the two channels, with the peak at five hundred ohms on each of the two channels.
  • The width of pulse is set at two hundred microseconds for each electrical pulse delivered, and can be manually adjusted by the operator.
  • The ramp time is set at two seconds, while the time for relaxation and contraction can be adjusted within a range from ten seconds to forty five seconds.
  • The output of power on this unit is set at thirty eight Volts, measured from one peak to the next, when the machine is operating in bipolar modality, or twenty eight volts when the machine is operating in quadpole modality.
  • The RS 2500 Russian Stim unit runs on a single nine volt direct current battery.
  • Purchase of this unit includes two electrical lead wires, a four pack of re-usable electrodes, an alternating and direct current one hundred and ten volt power adapter, a nine volt battery, a soft pouch for transport, an instruction manual, and a clip for the belt.

What Buyers Like About The RS 2500 Russian Stim

Buyers of this machine enjoy these features:

  • Buyers enjoy the versatility of the power adapter and battery options, enabling a user to plug in the machine when an outlet is available, or wirelessly with battery power when that is more convenient.
  • Users appreciate the increased comfort of the deep tissue contractions with Russian stimulation, and they see the benefits of the stronger muscle contractions that result from the stimulator. Patients tend to recover from injury more quickly due to the high frequency of the stimulation pulses and the depth of the muscle activation.
  • Because the frequency and other parameters are fixed, this machine is simpler to operate than some of the models with a wide range of settings.

What Buyers Don’t Like About The RS 2500 Russian Stim

The soft pouch that comes with this unit may offer less protection than comparable hard cases, but it is also smaller and can easily fit in a bag for easy transport. In fact, the pouch prevents scratches or damage to the machine, and provides a much more utilitarian option than most of the hard form and larger cases on the market.


The RS 2500 Russian Stimulator is ideal for delivering deep tissue electrical stimulation to injured muscles with less discomfort than other models. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right TENS units for you.