Buy Advanced Wound Care Supplies

Technology for bandages injuries has been upgraded in recent years. The toolkit of any sport person consists of an array of wound care supplies. Backed by years of research and development this selection of gauzes, sterile single-use sponges, blister pads, tapes, bandages, and dressings can fill out any first aid kit.

Wound Care Product Features

You can purchase affordable wound care products and enjoy these features:
Available wound dressings include several sizes of transparent dressings made from Tegaderm—a substance that permits breathability and air circulation while simultaneously creating a barrier impervious to bacteria and liquids. 
Wound cleansers are available in several forms, including alcohol wipes, alcohol-free hydrogen peroxide wipes, and full-sized sterile drape towels with self-adhesive strips.
Band-Aids and blister pads are offered in sizes ranging from tiny half-inch circles to extra large adhesive bandages designed to cover large areas of abrasion. Skin closure strips are reinforced for extra strength, and can even be used in lieu of stitches for some wounds, or as a stop-gap measure while a patient is transported to an emergency room to get stitches.
Gauze pads are available in many sizes, and presented in sterile single-use packaging. Options include square or rectangular pads, or elasticized rolls.

What Buyers Like About the Wound Care Supplies
Kinesiology tape is particularly useful for taping injuries due to these features: 
The edges of each dressing are self-adhesive and gentle on the skin, while the dressing itself stretches as the patient moves, making the bandage comfortable to wear.
Band-Aids and blister pads are presented in sterile single-use packaging, making it easy to stock a first aid kit with a selection that includes a wide range of sizes.
Antimicrobial additives included on gauze pads can help to protect the open wound from infection or invasion by fungi, viruses, and bacteria.
The stretchy composition of elasticized adhesive gauze makes the gauze roll an ideal solution for dressing wounds in difficult-to-cover areas.
What Buyers Don’t Like About the Wound Care Supplies
For a person trying to pack a mini or portable first aid kit, it can be difficult to choose among the extensive selection of wound care products available here, and tough to outfit a kit that is sufficient for emergency needs while still fitting in a small container. However, the single-use packaging of many of these products makes it much easier to outfit a small kit. Rather than including whole boxes of each product, you can slip in a couple sterile single-use packets of each type of product, ensuring that you have every eventuality covered, while still avoiding the necessity of lugging around a large, oversized medical kit
Short of actually checking into a clinic or emergency room, this selection of wound care products provides the best options for on-the-go medical care. These products are affordable and effective, with packaging designed to stay sterile regardless of how long they are kept in a first aid kit or medical supply cabinet.