Our Ambulation Mobility Supplies will get you going

ambulation-mobilityAmbulation mobility supplies play a very important role in the life on human beings that suffer from any type of mobility impairment.  Discount Medical Supplies has a wide variety of ambulation mobility aids at the best price. Walker, canes, ramps, rollators walkers, wheelchairs, knew walkers, scooters and lifts are among the ambulation mobility supplies that you can find on our product catalog.

The scooters are one of the most popular ambulation mobility devices nowadays.  The Knee Scooter gives maximized comfort and facilitates mobility to patients who are unable to lay any weight on their foot or ankle, but want or need to remain active. This product is good for indoor and outdoor use as it has four wheels and optimized padded knee platform.


Technology has taken wheelchairs to the next level by allowing the user to have control of where they are going with the motorized wheelchairs in the market.  The wheelchair will never turn obsolete as they come in handy for more severe disabilities and can also be used on minor disabilities however in longer journeys that cannot be done on foot.  Both of these ambulation mobility supplies are the primary substitutes for walking that allow the user to sit.  Either propelled or electrically powered they are recommended for individuals with a significant mobility or balance impairment.

Another popular ambulation mobility supply sold at Discount Medical Supplies is the cane. Although it was created to be an essential part of a gentleman’s wardrobe back in Europe around the 17th or 18th century and has also been used as weapon since it early days, nowadays the cane has become an extremely important asset to those in need of balance while walking.  We have different options as walking canes come in many shapes and sizes. We also offer the replacement cane tips for maximum stability.

All ambulation mobility supplies also need accessories to go with them. We have a diverse stock of accessories such as Walker Glides, Hand Grips and Tips for crutches and much more. We also have accessories for all wheelchair users such as Drainage Bag Holders and Cup Holders.

Turn to Discount Medical Supplies for the best pricing in any ambulation mobility supply that you need. Give us a call today and tell us what you need. Remember if you find a better price let us know and we will either meet or beat that price.