Ankle Support Product Review

ankle-supportThis unisex and universal size black ankle support provides the perfect option for any person who needs quick and available support for a weak or injured ankle.

Ankle Support Product Features



This orthopedic support device includes the following features:

  • The support is constructed of a fabric blended from nylon and neoprene, which combine to provide flexibility and support at the same time.
  • The ankle is stabilized against accidental lateral rolling or twisting, but the foot can still flex and extend easily without impeding the wearer’s ability to walk, run, jump, or engage in sports.
  • The ankle support can be donned with the simple use of Velcro closures, making it a snap to put on and take off when it is needed for extra support during the day.

What Buyers Like About the Ankle Support

Buyers enjoy these features of the orthopedic support:

  • This Ankle support wrap is both comfortable and easy to put on. It only takes a few moments to slip the neoprene and nylon piece over the foot and fasten the Velcro straps for a snug fit.
  • The wrap fits easily beneath an athletic shoe or most street shoes. It is slightly thicker than the lighter weight single wrap fabric models for ankle support, but still quite streamlined compared to hard plastic ankle braces. This support provides the ideal medium weight and amount of support for someone who is in the process of recovering from a soft tissue injury like a strain or a sprain, or someone who has chronically weak ankles and needs a bit of extra support when exerting themselves.
  • The fabric of this ankle support can easily be hand washed with gentle detergent and warm water in a bathroom or utility sink. So long as a person gives it sufficient time to dry before the next time it is needed, the ankle support can be kept clean and odor free with simple washing, even for people with particularly sweaty feet, and those who wear the support during perspiration causing athletic exertions.
  • The soft fabric ankle support can be tucked into the pocket of a gym bag and kept handy for when it is needed. It takes hardly any room, so it can be stashed anywhere and kept ready for use.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Ankle Support

This support may not fit inside dress shoes or pumps, so it may not always be the choice for daytime wear, but it does work well with athletic shoes, and can be used whenever a person is exercising or engaging in a sporting activity or athletic event, or simply working out. Depending on a person’s work environment (and the type of footwear they wear to work) it does work for some people for daytime workday use as well.


This unisex and universal size black ankle support is absolutely the cheapest on the market, but provides a tremendous amount of support for ankles that have experienced damage to the soft tissues and need extra stabilization. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Orthopedic Support for you.